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Enlarged uterus
Feb 3, 2006
Not sure if this was the place to post these questions.
history; 34, mother of two, abnormal extended periods, extreme pain and clotting, never had a normal pap, have had two ultrasounds. History of multiple kinds of cancer on both sides of my family.

I had a pap done at the Doctor yesterday and he said he thought my uterus was more enlarged and that it looked tipped now. Last year I was given the choice to have a D&C or a total hysterectmy. They didnt seem concerned with me making a choice on what to do, so I let things slide. The doctor didn't give me alot of information at this appointment. He basically told me that the D&C was not really an option now and that if my uterus got any larger that they would have to do the hysterectmy the old fashion way and that would mean more recovery time. I go next week to have another ultra sound, after that the doctors nurse told me that they would call me to tell me where we need to go from there.

Ever since the appointment I have been searching for information, because i wasn't given much of anything at the appointment. Everything I find that stems from my symptoms is "adenomyosis or uterine cancer".

help? what am I looking for? and what might I need to be prepared for?

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