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I gave birth to my daughter 6 months ago. Last month I got my first period, it was very heavy as to be expected. It ended and 3 days later I started to bleed again- somedays light most heavy with clots. That went on for 2.5 weeks. I then made a dr appointment cause I started bleeding extremely bad, he set me up for blood work and 2 ultrasounds. I just got the results and I have a thick lining in my uterus 1.8cm thick. I am going to see a specialist, but I am very scared. There is hardly any info on this especially when your as young as I am. I am very worried cause I would love to have more children. I am also scared that maybe it could be cancer. If anyone has gone through anything similar to this, I would appreciate any input. Good or bad. Or if you know of a good website because I have found nothing.
i am 22 and i have a thick lining to and i have an ovarian cyst the gyn says they dont worry about that in girls our age becasue where still having periods and sometimes the lining builds up if u dont have a good period during your cycles supposedly lining cancer in girls our age is like really rare its usually in woman over 40
Thanks for the response, it helped set my mind at ease some. :)

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