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Aug 8, 2006
I will try to make my long story short. I have had female problems since 15 yrs. old. I am 33 now. I had 5 pregnacies and miscarried the first two. One at 16 wks and one at 7 wks. Found out didn't produce enough progesterone. Took suppositories will my other three with success. Three gorgeous precious children 12, 9, & 4. I had ovarian cysts that were very large removed in 2000. The path was fine. Continue to have unrinary problems. Stones and UTI's. All three pregnacies had very bad URQ pain. Went away after delivery with first two didn't on the third. It took 11 years but we finally found out why while looking for kidney stones. I had 3 on the left side and ....a liver tumor. I had a liver resection to remove a football size tumor last July. It was benign. I currently have 4 other liver tumors that are very small but being monitored. Haven't had them biopsied but assuming they are all the same as before, Focal Nodular Hyperplasia. Well before I could have the liver surgery I had to have everything from my head to toe check out. I had a CT that showed enlarged uterus and fluid around ovaries. So I went back to my ob/gyn. U/S determined cysts on ovaries and adenomyosis. I have had irregular periods for two years. Not on pill b/c liver tumors may be hormone related. Gyn said nothing urgent. Have the liver surgery and then we will talk about a hysterectomy. I went back in Feb 06 for my annual I wasn't ready for another major surgery. It hadn't been a year since my liver resection. I was in the hospital 9 long days and was very sick. Long recovery. I have had horrible lower back pain for over two years on and off. Now it just won't go away. My periods start with about 5 days of spotting a ugly brown discharge and followed by a heavy flow with lots of clots for about 5 days and about 5 more days of spotting then maybe 6 or 7 days before it all starts back again. This has been the last 3 months. My back hasn't stopped hurting for 4 weeks now and I am sooo tired. I gained 40 pounds in the last 7 months. All in my stomach. Looks like I am 8 months pregnant. My primary dr finally put me on diet pill to boost my energy and hope that I losse weight. Not to mention the depression medicaition because I just feel totaly drained all the time. It hurts really bad when I stinky sometimes like my vagina is turning inside out. I have had bladder pain and urinary frequency but no infection according to all the cultures. But have had blood in my urine. I have always hurt in my feet but I thought it was because I am overweight. My legs and feet hurt like I have athritis and sometimes they swell. I have only been going to my primary care dr. b/c I didn't put all of this together until last night when I was watching the discovery channel. This lady had all the same symptoms as me and had ovarinan cancer. I called my GYN and am having a u/s tomorrow at 11.45. I am at my whits ends and need a pep talk. I have plenty of post on the Liver Disorder Board but not many have all the stuff that I have. I am looking for normalcy. I can't believe I am 33 and feel this bad all the time.


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