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Re: Worried
Apr 6, 2007
[QUOTE=Bluebell123;2502012]Hope there is someone who can give me some advice. I am a 54 yr old fem ale who feels heathy and looks well exceot for being over weight. 5 yrs ago my periods stopped. No problems at all. Then last year I started to have bleeding. Eventually had a D & C which came back fine. Had the problem again last May went back to he doctor and went for a scan. My doctor phoned me this week to say that my uterus lining was to thick for someone over 50 which was what I was told last year, did not ask if was any thicker than last year which was 7 mm. Now she want to refer me back to the hospital, and I'm scared it could be cancer. Any thoughts anyone.

Thanks for reading this


Hi, im 30 and was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year. It is scary but something you have to face. I have chemo and radiation treatment adn was doing well. now im waiting on results back as i have my uterus lining thickening again and bleeding. it is a long time to wait, my heart goes out to you. good luck and chin up

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