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Re: Worried
Nov 9, 2007
[QUOTE=MAGGIE55;3011640]HI, I LIVE IN THE UK SO MAYBE THINGS ARE DIFFERENT HERE BUT I ASSUME OUR BODIES ARE STILL THE SAME. I am 55 and had my last period may 2006 then to my surprise had a period in march 2007. For the last year or so i have been bleeding during or after intercorse and my Doctor didnt seem too concerned. I then had another extremely heavy period a few weeks later and decided to go privately for tests. After having an Ultrasound scan of my womb etc. the lining of my womb has thickened and is 7mm which doesnt mean much to me but has concerned my consultant enough to book me in, in a couple of weeks for a D&C AND Hysteroscopy to take samples of the lining of the womb to see if they are cancerous. If not (fingers crossed) they might treat the problem with HRT. Has anyone else been through this and can tell me the results. Maggie55[/QUOTE]

Hi Maggie,
I have just come back from having a pelvic ultra sound and was told I have a thickened lining to my womb which would account for heavier bleeding but not as much as I had described as recently I bled or spotted for eight out of nine weeks. I didn't realise that having a thickened lining to your womb could mean anything so was disappointed to learn that it could possibly mean that all is not well. However, since I stopped bleeding 7 weeks ago I have only experienced 2 days of spotting, I haven't got any fibroids or polyps although I passed a polyp in 1991. I think the peri menopause has a lot to answer for and I am not going to spend my life worrying about things as I have far better things to do. I will go for the outpatients appointment which has been arranged for mid January although I had intended not to go. Having recently had a normal result back on the biopsy (apart from noting that I had had a polyp) I thought that all would well be if nothing was found on the scan.

I too have been bleeding every time I have sex and it has got to the point were sex is almost too painful and unbearable at times. The bleeding after sex has happened to me for years, but the pain has occured for the past three years. Interestingly enough, although it is still painful to have sex, I haven't had any bleeding post coitus since I had the biopsy.
I have always been prone to irregular periods and spotting too, so I am delighted to learn that all looks well apart from a thickened womb lining.
Anyway Maggie, I hope all your test results were ok. I hope to God that I don't have to have any further tests. All the best Mo

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