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Re: Boggy uterus??
Apr 8, 2007
Wow, it is a good news!

The ultrasound report said I have "a serosal fibroid measuring 2.1cm in maximal dimension is present on the right at the fundus."

"The endometrial echo is non specific in appearance with a bilamina thickness of 8mm." Am my lining too thick or just thick or it is a normal size?

Could someone help me? What is this means? "with a dominant follicle on the left ovary." Is follicle a cyst?

I got 2 periods in 3 weeks time. Before that I missed 3 months period and I thought it was a perimenopause. (I'm 49) I was pushed out my uterus in the toilet 5 weeks ago! GP said it is a prolaspe and from that I've a dull pain at the lower abdomen... I wonder why it takes so long to heal?

Anyone here can help?

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