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Don't automatically assume you have something horribly wrong with you just because of an enlarged uterus and heavy bleeding. It's quite common. In fact, I have a 12 week uterus myself, loaded with fibroids and a polyp.

I've had two D&C's in the past 6 years to remove polyps, (all benign btw) and have now developed yet another large one in only 12 months.

I'm in the process of scheduling a hysterectomy. I had a uterine biopsy done, my 6th, last week and then I can schedule. Like you both, I have very heavy bleeding full of clots, so bad, that it's hard to leave the house for a couple days for very long. I've had it. I'm 51, but no signs of menopause yet and I just can't go on living my life around a period anymore.

My suggestion is to go to your gynecologist and explain your symptoms; perhaps he'll do a biopsy. As far as your ovaries, cysts are also very common.

Good luck, and try not to think the worst.

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