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hello all , first off i would like to say my prays go out to all who have uterine cancer or has past on ...... im sooo sorry to hear .well hear goes nothing , i had went to a gyn in aug of 2006 , he had told me that i have an enalrged uterus the size of a 12wk preg. but he thought that i may have fibroids , but he was only going by what i had told him . ok back on 2001 i went to a gyn she mentioned something about fibroids on my ovaries but a few days later i went to get a vag. ultrasound which in returned came out to be a 1cm cyst on my right ovary . now that was over 5 yrs ago, and i had told my gyn that. but he had told me that i would probley need a hysterectomy. i am only 30 yrs old i did have a tubel done when i was 21 , so yes there would be no need for my uterus . my pain is sooo bad ,even motrin isnt doing the trick anymore . cancer does run on both sides of my family and my grandmother died at 66 of cancer . my pain is in my uterus region , my hips , my back , and down my legs , when i sit my pelvic bone feels like its gonna burst, and sometimes i cant even walk cause my legs hurt so bad , i even sometimes get pain in my arms and cheek bones , and that could be from stress . but my spine is killing me the most , that is constant, the other pains come 2 wks before my period , and my periods are normal and sometimes i have blood clots for the first 2 days of my period , i get that for 5 days every 28 days . so im normal in that department. i get my just scared of the worse news . can anyone please tell with my symptoms what might be going on , and if anyone has had or having the same symptoms what there doc ssaid or had said it might be ? i thank you all for reading and respoding to me .and again my prayers go out to all who have had and has cancer ! may god watch over you and keep you safe ! :angel:
I am having the same problems!! My uterus is enlarged and I have a cyst on my right ovary, but due to no health insurance I haven't had anything done but a CT int he E.R. Planned parenthood has called me twice to see if I went to the Gyno because they don't do ultrasounds here, but where I live you have to pay up front so it is just a cluster f%%k anyway, don't feel alone... I have heard things from fibroids to adenomyosis to cancer, which with my granny being a ovarian and uterine cancer survivor makes me nervous... Well, anyway, I know I was no help to you at all, but just don't feel alone and get checked as soon as possible. When I have the $$$ that is the first thing I am doing.... Take care, Joan
Don't automatically assume you have something horribly wrong with you just because of an enlarged uterus and heavy bleeding. It's quite common. In fact, I have a 12 week uterus myself, loaded with fibroids and a polyp.

I've had two D&C's in the past 6 years to remove polyps, (all benign btw) and have now developed yet another large one in only 12 months.

I'm in the process of scheduling a hysterectomy. I had a uterine biopsy done, my 6th, last week and then I can schedule. Like you both, I have very heavy bleeding full of clots, so bad, that it's hard to leave the house for a couple days for very long. I've had it. I'm 51, but no signs of menopause yet and I just can't go on living my life around a period anymore.

My suggestion is to go to your gynecologist and explain your symptoms; perhaps he'll do a biopsy. As far as your ovaries, cysts are also very common.

Good luck, and try not to think the worst.
Now, I'm no doctor, but I thought I'd offer you a little of my story in hopes that it will help...

A few years ago, I noticed an abdominal mass when lying in bed, yet as soon as I stood, it somehow "disappeared" or repositioned itself into me. I went to doctors, but they couldn't feel it and passed it off as nothing important. A few months later, I went in for my regular gyno exam and she mentioned that my uterus was enlarged to look like I was 10 wks pregnant. I knew I was not, so she sent me in for ultrasounds, which were later followed by a CT scan. The CT scan proved to be more successful - there was obviously a mass - although they couldn't figure out where it was exactly (on/in which organ), but it was a starting point. They had me in for surgery where they found it was a 10 cm cyst INSIDE my right ovary (in case you're not sure, an ovary is typically about the size of a golf ball).

Very fortunately, they were able to safely remove the cyst, without sacrificing the ovary (I've had it checked since and it's fine). Strangely enough, I was in NO pain whatsoever, but I could see where somebody with the same problem could be in pain. I would highly recommend getting a CT scan - and somebody who can read it correctly - because if I'd waited too much longer, it could have burst. I'm not meaning to scare you and I realize it's difficult without insurance, but I would make it a priority - and maybe look into state health insurance.

Good luck and try not to worry - just get into the doctor for further testing as worrying isn't going to help the situation!
Hello I will also add if there is a university hospitial in your area go there they have excellant staff and state funding I am not paying a dime for my insurance I am going thru University of Texas MD Anderson.PLEASE GET CHECKED!!!! let us know Ginger
:wave: well hello all , i hope u all had a great thanksgiving . well the day i posted this i ended up going to the E.R. because of my pains . i do have a fibroid tumor the size of an orange ( 7cmx6cmx6cm ). i am sry i havent posted earlier . just been busy . anyways i am suspose to be getting schedule for a hysterectomy sometime in jan. the pains are just sometimes unbareable . yesterday i went to ym gyn . for a urine sample to check to see if i had any infections of course no i didnt . because i have been having pains in my back and sides where the kidneys are they were hurting and having a burning sensation exspecially when i leaned against something. well i was told that its my tumors they are propbley pressing against the ureters that connect ot the bladder and kidneys . and i also read that it can do damage to your bladder and kidneys . but theres really nothing more they can do until i get my surgery . all they said was take more ibprofin ( 800mg) . wel thats what has happened with me in the past couple of months . i guess i just ride it out until i get my surgery . :rolleyes: . anyways i did find out it that the tumor is in my endometrial wall . but thats all they told me . its like they dontwant to tell em anything becuasei m just gonna get it taken out anyways . but dont i have a right to know where these things are in my body ? i guess ill find out sooner or later . well u all take care and gl with your sistuations . :wave:
Hi, I am just curious. I don't really know if I have tumor cyst or anything inside me. But my period had alway sbeen delayed ever since.. but sualy its s cycle of two months and its so painful. But after a case of ectopic pregnancy which i had undegone surgery and D&C th epain become bearbale but persistent.. and it starts of as early as 3 weeks before... I also have some spotting. I should be having my period anytime soon, but the pain have been here for a long time... headaches, leg cramps and lower back ache.. my lower abs is bigger (although it had always been like that) I just had a checkup with my gyne... did a viganal ultrasound ..but he did it so fast..(just to check if im pregnant) and said see nohting just my uterus is thick... sorry for the long story.. what i really wanted to know is can I rely on that ultrasound to know if there is somethimg wrong inside of me? cyst, tumor perhaps? I mean he just check for pregnacny but will he see any thing else? eally sorry for such a long post.. thanksin advance.
[QUOTE=texan1771;2639034]Hello I will also add if there is a university hospitial in your area go there they have excellant staff and state funding I am not paying a dime for my insurance I am going thru University of Texas MD Anderson.PLEASE GET CHECKED!!!! let us know Ginger[/QUOTE]

Hi, after seeing your name I had to respond. My name is also Ginger I went last month to my gyn and he told me my uterus was the size of 13 week pregency. I knew I was not pregant. He did mention fibroids but I went for a sonogram in a different hospital due to ins. and my gyn did not like the readings the sonogram person did. So I have another appoitment July 24 to do another sonogram at his office and I have to pay out of pocket (at this point I don't care). I don't have any pains but always noticed my stomach always looked pregrant but contributed to two C sections and was cut vertical. So I'm just waiting for my next appoitment.

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