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A pap smear will only tell you what is going on with the cervix, not the uterus and not the ovaries. Unfortunately it is common to have a pap smear showing pre cancerous cells known as dysplasia. This is a far cry from cancer. Some doctors will do a cone biopsy others a freezing technique. The wait and see for six months is usually because it came back a very low grade dysplasia. Every woman should have an annual pap smear. 8 years ago I tested positive for severe dysplasia and had a cone biopsy and have had good pap smears since. Even if it does come back showing something it is very easy to cure and that is why they ask woman to have them on a regular basis. Have you ever come in contact with HPV? This may increase your risk of an abnormal pap but it is easy to correct. All in all Don't Panic. They take 2 seconds and most come back normal but if it shouldn't it is something that can be fixed !!

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