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i'm 30 and i recently went to my family dr to tell her that my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant. i've had irregular periods since i was 11 yrs old. recently my period has been very irregular. i had my period, back in september, for a month and it was very heavy and lots of blood clots. it has never been like that. since september, i haven't had a regular period other then spotting in october and november. the dr checked my thyroid and it turns out that it is underactive. she put me on synthroid and she also put me on metformin. she said my insulin levels were elevated. she sent me for an ultrasound. i got the results back today and she told me that i have a cyst on my ovary and my uterine lining is thick. she referred me to a gynecologist/infertility dr. does it mean cause my uterine lining is thick, that i am unable to get pregnant and does it mean that i have uterine caner???? i'm really worried and scared.
It's very unlikely that you have cancer--the thickening of the lining is due to the fact that you do not shed the entire uterine lining w/each period. Not uncommon. That's the cause of your clotting & weird, heavy periods. I'm sure a good doc can get you straightened out. It's generally a hormonal issue and I know when I had it, it basically made me nuts. I wasn't trying to conceive, so it was just such a nuisance. Going to a specialist makes sense and so don't worry--this is pretty common.
Thank you. You put my mind at ease. I've been taking the Metformin for about 2 weeks, now, and I finally got my period. I do have an appointment with a gynecologist/infertility doctor on January 22nd. So, I hope after that appointment I'll find out what is exactly wrong and why my husband and I aren't able to conceive.

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