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hello everyone:)

i posted on another board and was told maybe i could get some insite from this one. So here goes my story. I have had female issues since my 2 child was born, after years of pain and irregular periods I found a doctor at Johns Hopkins who diagnosed my with fibromyalgia, nerve damage( like in the birth canal, caused by vaginal delivery of two children) , andyomiosis( ithink i spelt that wrong) and scar tissue that was pulling on my left ovary. so we did surgery to remove scar tissue and got meds for the fibro. all was great for about 4 mths then pain returned and this time also in my lower back and i started feeling like yuk. Back to hopkins i went, doc did a pelvic and blood work then sent me off for a sono, so here is where cancer came into the picture i went back to the docs to hear about report he said there was suspicious growth , fluid in the right adnexa and anterior and posterior cul-de-sacs, and my endometrial stipe was thick 1.14cm to be exact. so he said i have to have an endometrial biopsy, hysterscopy, and dnc because it is a possiblty that it is cancer. So here i am waiting for test to be done that i have never had and scared out of my mind. Plus on top of all of this I now have a bad uti and heartburn and naseua every time i eat.

So if any one has been through or going through anything simular i could use all the knowledge that i can get. No one around here really understands so it makes it hard. Thanks so much for listening to me ramble and for any advice given.


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