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64mm polyp
Apr 15, 2007
I was on the depo-provera (non-hormonal) birth control and had not had spotting for over 2 years and then all of a sudden I had spotting for 3 months and then on March 1st I started bleeding and have not yet stopped. I went to the doctor and she did an ultrasound and found a 64mm polyp, my uterine lining was thickened and I had fluid in my uterus. I only had small fibroids on my ovaries and I should not have been ovulating and so I am confused as to how the fluid made it's way to my uterus. (She said that it was a cyst that had ruptured.) I will mention that in November I had an MRI of my lower back and it was found that I had fluid in my uterus then as well...a mere coincidence? I will be having an ablasion on Friday and wanted to know if anyone has any ideas what might be going on with doctor seems o have no clue?

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