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I had 2 u/s's in the past 2 weeks because the 1st they could not see my left ovary.

I have alot of symptoms. bloating(I look as if I am 6 months) indigestion, constipation, stomache cramps, heavy periods, i could just go on.

I have had many test done..colonscopy (normal) I do not have IBS.
the test where they test ur bladder (normal) I think it is cytoscopy

I have had slightly elevated wbc, low rbc that has being going on for 3 years now. so they sent me for a bone marrow biopsy so i know i am not annemic.

u/s report
the uterus measures 6.22 by 4.85 by 5.0 cm. there is a globular configuration probably more obvious extending posterioly. along the anterior aspect of the uterus there appears to be an area of altered acoustical texture that measures about 1.91 by 2.5 by 3.03 cm. there is no distinct calcification evident. no free fluid. right ovary measures 1.77 by 3.03 by 1.66 cm with no acute right adnexal abnormality evident. left ovary could not be detected but there are no acute findings in the left adnexa.

impression: left ovary could no be demonstrated .the uterus has a questionable calcification of the uterus and needs to be followed up with a gynacologist.

can anyone help me with this. when i look it up i get ADENOMYOSIS.

please help if you can.

God Bless Everyone on this forum.

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