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Hi JSquared...
I know this is a tough time for you and your family. I have been there, not with the same symptoms but the same worries. My mom also at some point had to have a D&C - I am embarrassed to admit, I dont remember why she had to have it. Sad to say, we have been through so many tests in the last few years, I've lost track - isnt that awful? But she had a biopsy and couldnt stand the pain, so they couldnt finish the they ended up doing a D&C. Everything was fine, but they were making sure there was no abnormal cells in there. But it's so very scary waiting.
When you say "she" really thinks its cancer, who do you mean? Your mom, or the doctor? If it's your mom, let me please give you some advice. My mom has had it twice, and I can tell you, unless someone tells you that's what you have, do not assume it. There are so many things that can be wrong, it is not always cancer. Cancer is what we all worry about, but not every problem results in it.
Let me tell you a story. As I told you my mom has had it twice. Once we were on vacation together, to see my relatives. Upon our return home, she was scheduled for a colonoscopy because she had been having some discomfort in that area. day while on vacation, she found some blood in her stool. Well, what on earth would you imagine about that? Pain in that area, and now blood. Of course it must be........... So we sweated through that test and results and everything was fine. Do you know what caused the blood in her stool? The day before she had taken some imodium because she had a bit of diarrhea....and it said right on the package...."may cause blood in stools".....who knew? If only we had read that package, we could have saved so much anguish and worry.
Story #2 - my mom went for her regular X-rays....was called back because the technician said he detected "some form of disease in her bones"....what else would you think? Oh my god, it spread to her bones now. Nope, guess what it was? A fracture......(because she has osteoporosis).
Moral of my two wont know until you know!!!! Brace yourself, but dont presume a negative outcome, it's very stressful and I've learned not to do it now.
I dont unfortunately know much about the uterus area, but I would say that it would be okay to wait until she finds out what the issue is. If all is well, then a hysterectomy would have been unnecessary and it's a really big surgery and takes a long recovery. Just take one day at a time...and hopefully once you receive the results, they will be something relatively simple and fixable and you can put this behind you. Like I said, just brace yourself, no matter what, you will get your mom through it. I'll tell you something, you're a lot stronger than you think, and you will not know how strong you are until you are put to the test. That's how it works. I hope and pray you dont have to find out right now. I'm so very sorry for what you're going through because I truly understand. I'm here to listen anytime. Please keep me posted and I will say a prayer for you and your mom. Just take deep breaths, and although I know you'll worry, just sit tight and wait for the results.
Wishing you all the best....
Carsam:angel: :angel: :angel:

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