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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the board. My name is Anita. Back in 2004, i got diagnosed
with Anal cancer, they radiated my anal, and also radiated the outside
of my pelvic radiologist md. told me, id be going into meno-
pause...well, i didnt get my period for 1yr and 8mths.....but, this pass-
ed Nov, 2006, i noticed, spot lite pink, to real red bleeding with some
brown, lasted about 1week....ever since then, i have been either pink
lite bleeding, a little or more than a little, or spotting, or some red in
the toilet...theres been times, its in the urine to....the gynocologists
have been trying to get a biopsy of my uterus...but cant, do to the
rads i had on the outside...of the pelvic organs.....i have also seen
during these mths, a urologist, rectal surgeon, i had a colonoscopy,
all turned out ok....this passed Dec, i had a PET/CT SCAN and MRI,
which were both....normal....but this mth i repeated them, and its
showing some uptake on the pet scan..the dye which was injected
called radiotracer....showed up in a hot spot, but my
oncologist said...the numbers the uptake read, were low cellular
activity...meaning, if they were higher it would be cancer....the
MRI, showed, everything normal.....but, it said, that i had a very
slight thickening of the the lower uterine seg-
ment.....and today, this gyno oncologist...had me repeat it again.

I am so scared, i cant tell you, they are saying, a hysterectomy
would not be good, because due to my being heavy, and the rads
i had to the outside pelvic organs....i would be in danger, of some-
thing going wrong, or post op...infections and other serious compli-
cations....meanwhile, because of the rads, noone can get a biopsy
of my uterus....things are to tight or the organs interlocked with
each other.

I need so scared, what if i have something and its not
caught on time, its already been 6 mths and no diagnosis for the
bleeding......has any woman out there, whos had anal cancer,
and had her pelvic organs from the outside radiated? Or bleeding
because of it???? and has your gyno, been able to get a biopsy
of your uterus? I am so afraid......i cry, and dont know what to
do...i am not only a anal cancer survivor but a breast cancer sur-
vivor.....if someone could help me, please let me know, or if some-
one, has heard of anyone going through this, please, let me know.
or if you know a gyno or someone who could help me....!


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