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Hello Mark
I'm 53 and was diagnosed with uterine or endometrial cancer. I go Monday to find out how it is going to be treated.
I was different then your wife. Most of my life I did not have periods due to a Pituitary tumor. And I probably had 6 of them in the last half of my 40s. But about 16 months ago I noticed a droplet of blood everyday in the toliet and gradually it got to be more, not a lot though. So I have bled everyday for at least 16 mos. And to top it off my hormone levels indicate that I'm in the menopause. Talk about confused. When I should've had periods I didn't and when I shouldn't I do.

But stats do show that women who don't carry a pregnancy are at a higher risk for Endometriosis (thickening of the lining of the uterus, not necessarily cancer). Fat in a women can produce Estrogen, which can lead to cancer. Also if there is a family history of colon cancer, etc.; they can increase her risk.
Like I said I'm 53, so I've heard of a lot of people dying from all types of cancer. And eventhough they still do............a lot more don't.
One very good thing about the can live without it. Right now I have a friend dying of pancreatic cancer....that you cannot live without.
So there is HOPE for your wife and me!
I don't even know yet where my journey will be taking me and there are already some bumps, but as long as I have the love and support of friends I'll get to where I'm suppose to go the best way possible.
So no matter what your wife is up against, she has your support and love, and that will be her best medicine.

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