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I can't really help with the fibriods, but wanted to comment on the biopsy.

I'm sure your doc is being cautious which is a good thing. I had a biopsy done about 3 weeks ago due to vaginal bleeding after not having a period in 5years (menopause). For me, luckily, it was negative. My Mom has been diagnosed with uterine cancer in November, 2006 and had a hyster and radiation/chemo. We just learned that she is cancer free at this point.

Back to is good that you are getting checked. Your doc must have thought your uterine lining was thicker, and for that they will do a biopsy.

As for the vaginal dryness........ask your ob/gyn about the estring. It is a ring of estrogen that you insert and it stays in place for 3 months at a time. Although not sure if it would be right for you if you are still having periods. Your sex drive is probably low due to the dryness and you really don't look forward to it! ;) ;).

Good luck on your exam and I hope everything turns out good for you.

Sue :)

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