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I am 43 and having too frequent periods. I am passing what appear to be pieces of my uterine lining. It is a clump to a string of grayish/brown tissue and some is tinged with blood, so appears light pink. I have painful cramps, bloating and fullness. I am thin so its very noticeable to me.

Has anyone with uterine cancer experioenced this? My doc tried to do an endo biopsy last week, but couldn't get thru. She supposed to do an ultrasound on the 23rd.

I have a bad feeling about this. Hoping its just dsyfunctional uterine bleeding.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Hi BlueDiamond,

I was able to get my US today. I have really been feeling lousy. The endo thickness was 12mm but the doc thinks I'm going to get my period altho I've passed just tissue since Friday. I do have a cervical infection from the attempted biopsy though. I am starting on BC pills to try to control all of my symptoms in the meantime.

Besides the frequent periods and this tissue problem, she says the US is normal for peri. I am going to get a D&C in August after my vacation just to be sure.

Thanks for sharing. Glad your mom's in remission.


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