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I have posted on this site many times about certain health problems I've had but I've been away for awhile trying to get some things organized in my life. Plus, it's Summer :)

Anyways, I had an Endometrial Biopsy done July 2nd. It was painful. Well, I was diagnosed with PCOS & was put on Metformin last August (2006) but it never regulated my cycles. I've always been irregular. My husband & I are TTC but I haven't had a period since last December (only 2 in 1 year; both induced by Provera to do 2 rounds of Clomid) so my GYN wanted me to have the biopsy done.

I go Monday, the 23rd, for the results which I am horribly scared about. I'm almost 23, my husband is almost 26 & we're scared a hysterectomy is in store for us. I have very low progesterone that I know of but somehow the Dr's have never understood why I don't get periods. Before starting to see our Infertility specialists last July (2006), I went an entire year without getting a period. Is this cancer related or a symptom of the Uterine Cancer?

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