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I have posted on this site many times about certain health problems I've had but I've been away for awhile trying to get some things organized in my life. Plus, it's Summer :)

Anyways, I had an Endometrial Biopsy done July 2nd. It was painful. Well, I was diagnosed with PCOS & was put on Metformin last August (2006) but it never regulated my cycles. I've always been irregular. My husband & I are TTC but I haven't had a period since last December (only 2 in 1 year; both induced by Provera to do 2 rounds of Clomid) so my GYN wanted me to have the biopsy done.

I go Monday, the 23rd, for the results which I am horribly scared about. I'm almost 23, my husband is almost 26 & we're scared a hysterectomy is in store for us. I have very low progesterone that I know of but somehow the Dr's have never understood why I don't get periods. Before starting to see our Infertility specialists last July (2006), I went an entire year without getting a period. Is this cancer related or a symptom of the Uterine Cancer?

Having researched endometrial biopsy extensively for myself lately (although we have different problems), the purpose of it is to rule out uterine cancer. Did your doctor explain to you why you had this done? If not, when he/she gives you the results ask lots of questions and make sure you know what will happen next. If you think you may have a serious problem it's good to birng your spouse or a friend with you to the appointment. It's amazing what we don't remember, hear, or forget to ask when we're nervous or scared about results.

I am not qualified to give you medical advice but try not to think the worst. There could be many reasons why you don't get periods besides cancer. The good news is you have time on your side at age 23 to fix whatever is going on.

Good luck at your appointment.:)

Thanks a lot MamaBear! :) I understand you can't give medical advice & I was just real worried about what my results will entail on Monday. My husband goes to every appointment with me since it's an Infertility Specialist/GYN & we are trying to get pregnant. I do know what the test was for but reading on here I've noticed a few ladies who ended up having cancer, etc. I am just not sure I could handle that kind of news! I am trying so hard to get healthy again so we can conceive & I can be done with PCOS, and hopefully restore my cycels. The only reason our specialists have given us for my absent periods is low progesterone & the PCOS, so I just don't know.

Thanks for the advice though & I'll just hold my breath until Monday, lol. If the results are okay then I'll start the 150mg of Clomid. (the 50mg & 100mg didn't work) What kind of questions should I ask in regards to the biopsy I had done after she gives me the results?
Hi Kris,

Please try not to worry about your results on Monday. I've had an endometrial biopsy for irregular bleeding (it was normal). In your case, they are probably doing the biopsy to check your fertility. My mom had this done during her childbearing years, because she had many miscarriages. The biopsy can tell then if your ovulating - which you may not be since you are having trouble concieving and have PCOS.
I can't give medical advice either, but I don't think your symptoms are of cancer, more likely the PCOS and infertility, which is good that your seeing a fertility specialist.


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