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Hi I am 50yrs old and in perimenopause. I had to have an endo biopsy done six days ago. But I am still bleeding. Is this normal or should I be concerned that it could be more serious? Would appreciate any input.
I had bleeding issues after having the LEEP. I would call your doctor....even with it being the weekend!! Let me know how you make out.
[QUOTE=mbbasketball;3188136]Hi I am 50yrs old and in perimenopause. I had to have an endo biopsy done six days ago. But I am still bleeding. Is this normal or should I be concerned that it could be more serious? Would appreciate any input.

to update, I am still bleeding but not as much. But I have to go for a transvaginal ultra sound tomorrow. Can they stll do it if you are bleeding or should I cancel? I have not head back from the endometrial biopsy. I guess it will take a little longer. How quick did the rest of you get your biopsy report? Not getting a good feeling about this whole thing.
I had a Trans Vag US while on my period. I'm supposed to get an endo biopsy on the 12th. Doc told me the results come back in a week. I know I have an appt on the 26th to review results. The waiting is no fun I know.

First getting a hysterosonogram this Friday. For both procedures doctor gave me prescript for 2 valium and 2 vicodin one hour before. I'm kind of nervous about having both. How was the pain for you?

Tried to have an endo biopsy a month back with a diff doc and she couldn't "get in". I think she didn't want to hurt me (it did hurt). Now with a different doc that is giving me drugs first. I was in pain/bleeding a week back from just a pap (??). The goods news is I'm scheduled for a massage just before.:)

I'm trying to stay positive but its not easy. Hope all goes well for you.

By the way, if you are uncomfortable with the bleeding keep on your doctor until they address it. We all know our bodies best. Don't let them brush you off. I did that once and paid a price (ie, 4 surgeries to correct a complication that could have been avoided. I'm through being a passive patient :mad: ).
The endo biopsy was rather painful and had cramping for three days. I still have not heard back from the dr. Placed a call to the office, was told the dr will call me back and here I am still waiting. US showed that just a little increase in size of fibroid, but also got a new subserosal fibroid.

I guess no news is good news, well that is hoping. Good luck with your procedures.
Well, finally got the call from my doctor. Said the US was fine, just some fibroids. But said the biopsy stated endometrial cell change most likey polyps. Doctor did not think it is cancer. I will be schedule for a D&C with hysterscopy at a hospital. I guess if they do find polyps the will send them out to make sure it is not cancer, well at least I hope so.
I know there is nothing to worry about, but still will be glad when this is all over.

Don't know if you saw my post on the ovarian board. I got my hystero-US back and I have a mass that's likely a polyp and an enlarged ovary with a compliacted cyst (that prob. explains the pain I have right now on my left side). I had a complex cyst 2 years ago too so now I have to look into that too. I have a feeling a D&C is in store for me based on the polyp news. Is the polyp the main reason you are getting the D&C? Doc won't discuss action plan with me until I get all results back (Sept 26).

I feel all crampy now and told the doc don't be surprised if I have my period tomorrow. She's going to try to do my tests anyway.

All of this is really depressing me today. I just want to be done with it all and things just keep getting worse. Maybe I'll cheer up after I take Valium and Vicodin tomorrow.
Hi Mamabear,

I was told by my gyn that polyps would not show up on the US that I had done. They only way is to do the hysterscopy and because of irregular bleeding they will just do a D&C while they are in there and remove any polyps if they are any. My doctor did say the cell changes could be the beginning of endometriosis. At 50 I would think that is kinda late to be getting that. I have asked for a copy of my biopsy report since they fail to tell me for four months that my March 07 pap can back with inflammation due to cellular changes. I was sent a letter stating that my pap was normal, so did not think of anything until I starting having bleeding after intercourse and called the office four months later to find out about the inflammation. I did the meds for possible infection, but it did not solve the bleeding problem which is why the endo biopsy and transvaginal US was done a few weeks ago. And now here I am still with no anwers, just more questions.

I am going to try not to worry at this point, I have other medical issures which is taking up most of my worrying time right at the moment.

I would advise you to get copies of all labs and procedures you are having done.
Thanks. I definitely will.

My news just keeps getting better. Had my tests today. I had to get cervical biopsies because 3-4 lesions were found during the colposcopy (I really thought paps would have at least detected something). Then also got the endo biopsy. The pain wasn't too bad for me because of the drugs. Doc says I have to at a minimum get a D&C with Hysterscopy for the probable large polyp. I had a special US that can see polyps.

Here's a bizzarre happening from today. I had a massage just before the test (I've been kind of stressed about it). I was telling the young lady at the desk that I'm trying to relax before I have to get tortured by the gyn later. She went on to tell me she was an ovarian cancer survivor. She had it when she was 21 and now she's 29. She gave me a name of an excellent oncologist. She has a tumor the size of a basketball that burst in her abdomen and it was stage 3. She recovered, had a partial hysterectomy and went on to have a baby. She says she's had no problems since then. I was encouraged by that story. I think it was fate that I happened to run into her and get a recommendation for an gyn oncologist. My gut feeling is I'm going to need one.

Trying to juggle all of these appointments around work (I travel) isn't easy!

Take care and let me know how things go for you.

One more thing. I ordered my previous docs notes to give to my new doc. My surgical history was not mine! I was pissed to say the least. I made them correct it and send them to me. I agree, order everything to check.
I feel like scheduling doctors appointment and going for various surgeries and biopies is all I do these days. I am praying thing will get back to normal soon. I am a very active person and for most part healthy or at least I think so. Seems all the doctors have other ideas. I aam very bless that I can take time off to do all this medical run around. But being under so many different doctors care, you have to take charge and keep all you files together. Most of the time these doctors only look at their particular body part and not look at the whole person, which would give them a better idea what could be wrong. That is my rant for today.
I know what you mean! I'm giving my GYN all my health records (for example I was found to have enlarged abdominal lymph nodes earlier this year due to abd. pain which I still have). Found out yesterday I have mild dysplasia on my cervix (I had no idea). Now I get to monitor that every 3 months on top of having surgery for my ovary and polyp. I've decided that I don't like my 40s too much after all of this! That's my rant for the day!:)

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