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last Monday. My gyno was worried, I had had a LEEP done several years ago for ASCUS and that took care of it with normal PAP results. My periods have always been whacky, 7-10 days, huge clots, and i had been on the pill for 10 years to correct this, which it did until lately.

Results showed no malignancy from the D&C, my doctor was concerned because he said there were large amounts of tissue there and several dark areas on the uterine wall.

He said (and I do not believe that he had the final pathology report) that it did say there was necrotic tissue found. Huh? Why would that be there? I had two c-section, last being almost 17 years ago (I am 42) and nothing since. He will go over the report when I go back for a recheck a week from tomorrow, but I am curious, anyone here have any idea what the heck this could be?

I had all the signs of uterine cancer, and I was so shocked, and so was the gyn, to find no cancer. I get this weird feeling that something is going on there, but I have a top-notch doctor, and I do trust him an the path report.

Anyone have a clue? Thanks for your help!


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