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Re: Im frightened
Oct 3, 2007
I had spotting for over 2 years, sometimes bright red, other times more like a discharge. I also had very very heavy periods, like 50m an hour. I am now 46yrs old. I was put on a synthetic progesterone tablet for over a year and it was 2 years down the line, before they suggested a mirena coil to help, and they also took a biopsy at the coil fitting back in July this year. Well that came back as uterine cancer, but luckily in early stages. I had a full hysterectomy 3 weeks ago and will have my op results for cancers true stage in 3 weeks to come. I am hopeful of a good outcome. I may need radiotherapy or may be ok without it..

The operation was a bit of an ordeal, but now 3 weeks down the line, it was worth every minute of discomfort. After the op, you will awake with a catheter, possibly also a drain at the operation site, a saline drip and possible a morphine control for your pain. I cannot deny I was in bad pain directly after the op, but it settled within an hour with the morphine. They get you out of bed and into a chair the next day, it hurts lots at the op site and you feel like you will never walk again, BUT PLEASE, don't fret, because every day you feel a little better!! On day 2 you will prob have your catheter removed, this is a sensation but not painful. Then you hobble to the loo on your own! On day 3 you may have your drip removed as you will be eating and drinking ok by then, you will also prob have your drain removed, take deep breaths and breath through the seconds that it takes. Not pleasant but over in a tick! That was at the only time I blubbed since finding I had cancer, lol.
I was told I would be in a week, but came home on day 4, I was given the choice. By then I was only on paracetamol and anti inflammataries, so it was pointless taking up the bed, so I went home.
You need support for the first 2 weeks.eek one you still find getting in and out of bed difficult, and walking hurts still. By week 2 you can manage light housework but need to rest lots still. Now at week 3 I can do most light things, but no vaccing and no ironing or lifting anything heavy! No hanging washing out! I still rest lots. I can move much better now. I still have a dragging heavy feeling in my abdomen and it is sore, but bearable now.
I get very bad wind, that is my only problem and it hurts after I eat or need the loo!! I am now not too worried as I see others with the same problem on these forums but can't wait for it to go away!! I am trying peppermint tea and am going to get some peppermint cordial to try to help with this.
I am sure by week 6 I will be almost back to feeling like my old self. You still need to take it easy though!! Inside takes a long time to heal, 3-6 months.
This is a frank and honest account of my experience and I hope it helps to prepare you. IT IS WORTH IT!! NO MORE CANCER EATING ME UP INSIDE!!
Take care and update me in about 3 weeks after your op.

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