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[QUOTE=gabluzee;3246047]I had an endometrial biopsy a few days ago. It wasn't too, too bad. It seemed to be a relatively quick procedure. There was some cramping during and after, but nothing a little ibuprofen couldn't fix or, if your doc offers something stronger, nothing that that couldn't fix! The worst part is waiting to find out what's what and where to go from there. I am absolutely petrified.

Good luck to you and I hope your results are good ones!! :)[/QUOTE]

You're in my prayers:angel: ! Just be positive and remember that there are more than one reason for doing the biopsy and the most common results are normal! It's never easy for anyone to wait for results; just know you are not alone and we are always here for support. :)
I'm 49. This past August I got 2 periods in one month. I've skipped months but never had 2 in one month before. My pap in April was normal. I went to a new Ob/Gyn (my last one stopped taking insurance all together!) and she ordered an pelvic ultrasound. She said it could just be perimenopause. My lining was 7mm (but it was on the first day of my period) and their was fluid in my cul-de-sac. Otherwise everything looked normal. She said I could wait and see if it happens again and then do a biopsy. I decided to go ahead with the biopsy just for peace of mind. I had an endo biopsy last Thursday. I have a good tolerance for pain and that was painful. If I had to do that again I would for sure take something stronger than 3 advils. It is over fast though. Now I'm waiting for those results. When things like this happen, I become such a worry wart too. I'm obssessed with looking info up on the internet. Which is probably not good! The waiting is SO hard.

I just found out too that I had a cousin who got uterine sarcoma (the untreatable one) when she was 32 and passed within a year. Now I'm REALLY scared. Does anyone know how important it is if a cousin has a cancer???

The second period I had was a normal period, the same as the others.
Had my endometrial biopsy on Thursday and it was no big deal. I had myself all worked up for nothing. I wish everyone would have and easy time with it, but it took all of 10 seconds. I had a little cramping, even with taking 800mg ibuprofen and a little spotting for a day. Now the wait for results, which I'm not really too worried about since I have now found out that I have thyroid issues....sure answers a lot of other questions about symptoms I've been having. I also found out that this is very common when you start menopause, which is also happening. My best to you all!
Ok, I'm just shaking. My Ob/gyn's office called me to make an appt for me to talk to the Doctor about my endo biopsy results. That isn't good at all. And I have to wait until Thursday morning for the appt. I'm going to be a mess till then.
Hi everyone

I am new to this site. I had an endo biopsy last week (11/14) and I hope to have my results by Weds (11/21). My doctor did the biopsy because on U/S my endometrium measured 18mm. I took tamoxifin for only 9 months about 1 1/2 years ago. I guess he thinks that there is a remote but small chance that this may be cancer; however, he really thinks it is probably a polyp which he plans on removing next week. (he scheduled my for d/c hystroscope right away so that I would not have to wait six weeks for an available OR time). The biospy really did not bother me-I experienced some small cramping and some back ache for which I took some extra strength tylenol.

I am intested to hear if anyone has undergone an Breast MRI with results that showed an increase in uptake to what the Rad said is common for premenapousal; however, very strange in a post menapousal women. My doctor has drawn blood to determine if my estrogen level is high. I am wondering if the issue of high estrogen and endometrial thickning are related.


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