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I am a vervous wreck about this procedure on Monday, for those of you who had it done please tell me what to expect. ;)
[QUOTE=hotdam;3219063]I am a vervous wreck about this procedure on Monday, for those of you who had it done please tell me what to expect. ;)[/QUOTE]

I just had this procedure done about 3 weeks ago. It was painful to say the least. But the good thing was the procedure did not take long, just seemed long. I could not take any meds before going to the dr, because of other medical issues. I did drive myself home and when I got home was able to take pain meds which helped with the cramping. I did bleed or spot for a week afterwards. I am now scheduled for a D&C with hysterscopy. The biopsy came back with endometrial changes possible fibroid/polyps. I do have several fibroids, but US did not show polyps. At least this procedure will be done at a hospital and I will be knocked out. Good luck
[QUOTE=hotdam;3219063]I am a vervous wreck about this procedure on Monday, for those of you who had it done please tell me what to expect. ;)[/QUOTE]

I am having an endometrial biopsy on Oct 18th. I was on my period (just started that morning) when I had my pap (the doc opted to do it). My pap came back with endo cells present (duh!) -- am still wondering why another pap was just not done first. My docs office says 'better safe than sorry'. Please let me know how your biopsy goes. I was told to take 800mg ibuprofen 30 min. prior to the procedure. I plan to take .5 Xanax, as well! Best of luck for minimal discomfort.
I just had one two weeks ago. I could feel the scraping but I did not think it was painful, about the same as a pap. I had taken no meds-thought I was just going in for a consultation, but the gyn said she wanted a biopsy before I left that day. I had about two hours of moderate bleeding, gone by the next morning, slight crampy discomfort for about a day, but I was up and around right away.

This week I had a saline infusion sonohistograph - a vaginal ultrasound, part way through they put saline into the uterus so they can check for polyps- I had a big one. I took 4 ibuprofen ahead of time because they said I could. I thought it was about the same as the endo biopsy, not painful, just very wet, went grocery shopping on my way home, then worked half a day.
Today I had a mammogram on one of the new digital machines.
Next is a hysteroscopy and D&C, then I hope I'm done.

I know that everyone is different and some people do have more pain with these procedures- I'm just saying this is how it was for me. I'm a 62 year old nurse and have always hated going to the doctor.
Chodin, I had my Endo Biopsy this past Monday, I took 1 mg of Xanax not a half, it wasnt bad at all, I worked myself up for nothing, but everyone is different in the pain threshold. I still havent heard anything back yet, which of course is driving me crazy, so now for the entire weekend I am going to worry. I called the doctors office today and was told the results had not come in yet.

I have a twin in California who has an extremely large fybroid the size of a 4mos pregnant woman, she is of course having surgery to remove it. So who knows maybe thats whats wrong with me as well. good luck to all of us and personally they can just take it all and be done with it.:D
Vallegrrl & Hotdam: Thanks so much for the replys. I appreciate knowing I'll survive it! I think the Xanax is a great idea. I usually only do .5 mg, so I'll do that and 800mg ibuprofen...I have to go back to work afterwards. I think I work myself up about things, too. I know I have fibroids, so it will be interesting to know what this is about. Tomorrow I'm having a colonoscopy (screening) and an EGD for some throat issues. Life is great, eh!
ok girls I got my results today and the test came back normal, I am still bleeding on and off I am now going to get my period as it is due this week, I have been craving sugar in the worst way this month than I have in years, I dont eat sweets on a normal basis, but geez I cant get enough. I am going to make an appt with my Gyno instead of my regular doc for all of my female needs at this point. My Dr. seems to think the prempro he gave me that I have been taking for almost a year is causing my cylce to be out of wack, it sure would be nice to know.:angel:
Hotdam: (funny name! a good chuckle!) I'm so glad your test results were normal! The sugar thing...have you been checked for diabetes? It's crazy trying to figure out why our bodies are behaving badly! I had an EGD and colonoscopy Monday (both were normal) and getting a migraine/vomiting after the loopy loopy drugs, I think the endomet. biopsy will be cake. Peace!
it used to be hotdami812, Yes I have been checked a while ago, this happens everymonth but worse this month than normal so I will talk to my gyno about it and see what he says. whats an EGD? I havent had a colonoscopy yet that will be next on the list. its funny before all of this anxiety and perimenopause I never went but once a year, now I need to put stock in my doctors office.i am sure your endo will be apiece of cake also,;)
EGD: endogastroduodenoscopy - fancy term for looking down your throat all the way through your stomach to the duodenum, the first part of your small intestine (I work in the medical field), using a camera type scope. I have had a sore throat for over 2 months (no tonsils either) and was put on Protonix which has helped slowly, over time (it takes 8 weeks for the esophagus to heal), docs thought it was silent GERD (reflux); hence, let's do an EGD and see what's up...nothing! So, who knows, I'll see the gastro doc in 3 weeks, why I don't know. The worst part was the prep for the colonoscopy, which I had since I was going to be put under anyway and then after all was done (both procedures took under 30 min. total), I did ok until late afternoon I had a migraine attack w/vomiting. All this fun and menopause, too. AFter this endomet. biopsy, I think I'll drive myself to the beach and sit for as long as I want. Then, I think to myself, get over the pitty party, there are people out there who are enduring more than I ever can imagine.
I had an endometrial biopsy a few days ago. It wasn't too, too bad. It seemed to be a relatively quick procedure. There was some cramping during and after, but nothing a little ibuprofen couldn't fix or, if your doc offers something stronger, nothing that that couldn't fix! The worst part is waiting to find out what's what and where to go from there. I am absolutely petrified.

Good luck to you and I hope your results are good ones!! :)
[QUOTE=gabluzee;3246047]I had an endometrial biopsy a few days ago. It wasn't too, too bad. It seemed to be a relatively quick procedure. There was some cramping during and after, but nothing a little ibuprofen couldn't fix or, if your doc offers something stronger, nothing that that couldn't fix! The worst part is waiting to find out what's what and where to go from there. I am absolutely petrified.

Good luck to you and I hope your results are good ones!! :)[/QUOTE]

You're in my prayers:angel: ! Just be positive and remember that there are more than one reason for doing the biopsy and the most common results are normal! It's never easy for anyone to wait for results; just know you are not alone and we are always here for support. :)
gab, I am sure everything will be fine, I know I was a wreck waiting, to find out everything was fine. If you need us we are here for you.:angel:

I am premenopausal. I have had in between spotting twice this year. I know that this can happen when you are getting close to menopause. I panic when it happens because I know it could be signs of cancer. My question to you is how long did you wait to go see the doctor about this? Did you go because of the frequency? I still get my monthly period, but like I said about twice a year I get in between spotting.

Thank you in advance.
I originally went months ago to have him put me on something for the night sweats, hotflashes the premenopausal stuff, than I started getting my period twice a month he blew it off as premenopause, he told me the prempro would help with that. it did for a little while than it started again. well when i made an appt because of it he tells me that the pap they did in January came back with endometriosis cells, I asked him why i wasnt told until then, he said he wasnt concerned until i started getting my periods twice a month.he took me off of prempro and said to wait till I have a full period and than if it happens again to let him knowl
Belle, it wouldnt hurt to see your doctor, when was the last pap you had done? I was getting my periods twice a month you are only getting them twice a year. But still if you are concerned I would call your Gyno.

I am premenopausal. I have had in between spotting twice this year. I know that this can happen when you are getting close to menopause. I panic when it happens because I know it could be signs of cancer. My question to you is how long did you wait to go see the doctor about this? Did you go because of the frequency? I still get my monthly period, but like I said about twice a year I get in between spotting.

Thank you in advance.

I had my biopsy done because of bleeding after intercourse. When I said something to my gyn at my yearly visit, she said it could be due to perimenopause. When the bleeding continued for 4months after wards, I called them, she told me it was do to inflammation that showed up in my pap. They failed to tell me this when I got my pap result 4 months earlier. Had the biopsy done, now scheduled for a D&C with hysteroscopy later this month. My biopsy showed some endometrial cell possilbe due to fibroid/polyps. I was told most likely not cancer. So now almost a year later, I am hoping to get some answers finally in a few weeks.
Found out though all this, that you really do need to push your doctor for answers and not to push everything off to "perimenopause".
To Hot dam and Mdbasketball: Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it. It is nice to talk to others in the same situation. Whenever I ask friends or relatives if they have had similar stuff happen to them, they always so no and act like my body is abnormal.

I am getting my monthly period, but about twice a year I will get it twice in one month. I had my pap done in July and it came out normal. I get a pap done yearly.

I guess this second period is freaking me out a little. It is a lite period which is nice. No cramping or bloating like a regular period. What little blood is brown, but there is just a lot of clot like stuff. It is the clot stuff that is unnerving me.

I am 50 and I had surgery in February to remove suspicous breast tissue. Thankfully it was benign. Since then I have become this parnoid worry wart about my health. When you get my age you are supposed to be skipping periods, but instead mine are sometimes doubling. I get jealous when I hear about those who don't get their periods for 4 months.

Hot dam, were any of your second periods ever a lite flow, dark and clotty?
I apologize if my description grosses anyone out.
I'm 49. This past August I got 2 periods in one month. I've skipped months but never had 2 in one month before. My pap in April was normal. I went to a new Ob/Gyn (my last one stopped taking insurance all together!) and she ordered an pelvic ultrasound. She said it could just be perimenopause. My lining was 7mm (but it was on the first day of my period) and their was fluid in my cul-de-sac. Otherwise everything looked normal. She said I could wait and see if it happens again and then do a biopsy. I decided to go ahead with the biopsy just for peace of mind. I had an endo biopsy last Thursday. I have a good tolerance for pain and that was painful. If I had to do that again I would for sure take something stronger than 3 advils. It is over fast though. Now I'm waiting for those results. When things like this happen, I become such a worry wart too. I'm obssessed with looking info up on the internet. Which is probably not good! The waiting is SO hard.

I just found out too that I had a cousin who got uterine sarcoma (the untreatable one) when she was 32 and passed within a year. Now I'm REALLY scared. Does anyone know how important it is if a cousin has a cancer???

The second period I had was a normal period, the same as the others.
Judi, I am sure you will be just fine, my doctor has told me in terms of genectics and cancer, it is based on immediate family mother, sister, brother. I wouldnt worry too much. tell us the results when you get them.:angel:
Had my endometrial biopsy on Thursday and it was no big deal. I had myself all worked up for nothing. I wish everyone would have and easy time with it, but it took all of 10 seconds. I had a little cramping, even with taking 800mg ibuprofen and a little spotting for a day. Now the wait for results, which I'm not really too worried about since I have now found out that I have thyroid issues....sure answers a lot of other questions about symptoms I've been having. I also found out that this is very common when you start menopause, which is also happening. My best to you all!
Chodin, I'm glad it went so easily for you. Oprah had a show recently on just that subject of thyroid issues at this time of our life. I watched the show but really didn't learn anything. So far my thyroid is ok. But it sounds common.

Hotdam thanks for making me feel better. I would think it is more important to look at your closest relatives. I can't even imagine what my cousin was going thru ( that was 17 years ago) being 32 with 2 small children and having something odd like that.

Still waiting for my biopsy results. If I don't hear from her by 2 weeks, I'm suppose to call. I did request my pap results so I now have the actual report in my own file. I'm asking for copies of everything now. My last period and this period will be normal timing. No more extra periods.
Judi- Thanks for your support and thanks, too, to the rest of you gals! This website has been a godsend for me and I appreciate everyone putting their lives and personals 'out there'. I'm glad you don't have thyroid issues, Judi, as they can be tough depending on the diagnosis.

I showed my labs (TSH & T4) to the doc I work with and he chuckled and said I need a thyroid uptake and scan to determine how hyperthyroid I am. My symptoms are classic, but since I had been so sick with other unrelated symptoms, the thyroid labs weren't checked. Who'd of thunk it? So, I'm predicting I'll need a little iodine therapy to knock it down to where it should be. I'm enjoying being able to eat what I want right now and not gaining weight, but the tremors and palpitations are annoying. You should know your results soon, so please let us know, too. Have a nice weekend!:)
Ok, I'm just shaking. My Ob/gyn's office called me to make an appt for me to talk to the Doctor about my endo biopsy results. That isn't good at all. And I have to wait until Thursday morning for the appt. I'm going to be a mess till then.
Judi, dont worry they dont give those results over the phone good or bad, I had to see my doc too to get a result of normal, I am sure you will as well, hang in there.. ;)
Thank you again, hotdam for making me feel better! I'm very scared. The thing is I am in great health otherwise. So scary that after a diagnosis your whole life is changed forever. Keep me in your thoughts girls for a good outcome. I'll let you know what happens on Thursday. Best wishes to all waiting for results.
When I had a surgical breast biopsy, they made me come to see the breast surgeon to find out the biopsy was benign. My blood pressure was so high that visit. Good luck!
Thanks Belle2003 for your post. It helps to read other's experiences. I think Doctors sometimes forget how worried we are about our results. I'll probably end up with an ulcer after all this!
Judi, we are all here for you, let us know what happens.
Everything is fine!! I went in for my appt at 8:30 this morning. She told me right away that this was nothing terrible but something to take care of. I was SO happy and told her how scared I had been waiting. And she felt bad. She said usually she would have just called but she needed to give me a prescription.

So my biopsy was normal but showed that I'm not ovulating even though I get periods some months and the irregular bleeding. Too much estrogen and not even progesterone. This was my best case scenario!! Too much estrogen can make the uterine lining too thick and set up an area for cancer to grow. So she is putting me on a capsule of Prometrium (Progesterone) everynite for 12 days a month to regulate my hormones.

From what I've read and I've been doing ALOT of reading, this can be very common in perimenopause. I am so so relieved.

Thank you so much for the support!! I know how it feels to wait for these tests so I hope I can give support to anyone who needs it.
:) :) :) Judi - I am so happy to hear that all is well! The wait to today's appointment had to be excruiciating. I'm still waiting to hear about my biopsy (last Thursday); I've been having my thyroid tested, so my focus has been shifted quite a bit, thankfully. I wish you well with the rest of this journey. We are all faced with different challenges and it's how we respond that allows us to share our knowledge and face the unknown. My best to you!:) :) :)
Thank you chodin! Let us know how your biopsy results come out too. And I hope they get your thyroid straightened out. I bet you will feel so much better!
I am very happy for you Judi, I knew you would be ok, we all freak waiting and it is a normal emotion. I just wish they wouldnt do that to us and just hurry up and let us know asap via phone, email, vm whichever. ;)
I just have to join this thread. I can so relate to all of this. I just got the results to my biopsy and not good. I have complex hyperplasia atypia. Pre uterine cancer. I am so thankfull I reacted to some symptons and didn't blow them off like I was close to doing. Don't know what the next step is but probably surgery. Will meet with the dr next week to hear my options. I am 56 and thought I would never go thru menopause. Finally last Easter I stopped having my periods and said about time! All of the sudden I started again but it was just too heavy. I know perimenopause can be weird so I waited several days and it just didn't seem right so called the nurse at my gyno to get some advise. They suggested ultrasound and biopsy. So glad I called I can't tell you. Ladies listen to your bodies. If something doesn't seem right check it out. I have been very healthy most of my life until the past two years and everything is going to .... Have thyroid problems too. Husband was dx with prostate cancer 6 months ago and now this. I have my colonscopy scheduled for the 4th so I had better keep that appt too. You're so right about taking stock in the medical field. I truly support all their luxury yachts! Though I have to admit a good dr is worth their weight in gold.
Good luck to all that are waiting for their results.
Big hugs to you MoLu. SO good that you went to the doctor with your symptoms. You can be so proud of yourself for that. And it makes you feel more in control. It is so easy to make excuses why they are happening. Best to have tests to make sure. Uterine cancer from what I've read (and I've been reading ALOT!) is very slow growing and yours is pre cancer so you caught it. You and your doctor can make the right choices for you and your health and you will be fine. The more I read about all this, it seems so common. I just started reading "Ageless" by Suzanne Somers and I'm finding it very interesting. I can't believe that your husband is having his own problems too. I hope he will be ok too. When it rains it pours. Not fair. Please look here for support whenever you need it. We will be here for you. I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts.


I just looked at where you are from. My husband and I both grew up in Wisconsin. And we lived in Wauwatosa for a year after getting married.
Molu - Thank you for bravely sharing your story. I hope your doctor takes you down the right path and restores you to good health. What are your thyroid issues? Everything at once for you. Just curious since I just found out I'm hyperthyroid, but don't know yet if it's temporary (menopause related, viral) and am having a bunch more blood work done next week. I'm getting my hormones drawn, too, just to see how much into the menopause I am.
Chodin keep us up to date on your thyroid tests. We can learn so much on these boards. Things we wouldn't think of that could be happening to us too.

From Wisconsin, we moved to Tucson, AZ. We lived there for about 14 years. Our son now lives in Phoenix and we love going there to visit. We hope to move back to AZ at some point. I think it is so beautiful there.

Hi all-
Thanks for your kind words. You know must of everything that has happened to me I've stumbled upon and was always blaming menopause. Most of my life I'd do my yearly checkups and say so long doc. Never had to take any medicine. Then maybe 2 1/2 years ago I stumbled onto one thing after another. First my foot started going numb. Said that's not right so I'd better check it out. First thing they did was do blood work and it happened to be a PA since the dr wasn't available that day. She ordered up an ultrasound of my leg since I was worried about thrombosis causing the numbness. She called to say my thyroid was low, I was B-12 deficient and I had baker cysts behind my knee. So they put me on thyroid medicine which made me feel much better. I thought my lack of concentration was to be blamed on perimenopause. Nope thryoid. Went to an Orthopedic Sureon on my numb foot and he could find nothing wrong. So I said the only other thing that was hurting was my knee. Did an MRI and found I have a rare disease in my knee called Synovial Chondromatosis which produces benign soft tissue tumors. From there on nothing has gone right. 3 knee surgeries and the tumors keep growing back. The tumors compressed my nerves and have permanetly damaged a nerve so my foot and calf are still numb. Need a knee replacement now, husband has PCa and now this pre cancer scare. I must have been very bad in my other life! I just had my thyroid checked recently and needed a rx changed. Was getting that confused feeling again so thought I should check it out. Also have arthritis in my back and have been going to a spine clinic for help because it seems my back has been hurting more than usual. I'm wondering now if the back pain is related to this problem. Could be. Also have been very itchy and mysterious rashes come and go. Have you ever heard of cancer and rashes? I will be asking the dr when I go next. From what I have read it says that most women my age with this pre-cancerous problem do have a hysterectomy and they often find concurrent cancer within the uterus on inspection. So glad I've caught this early. They say if you live thru your 50's your 60's will be fine. I'm banking on it!
Thanks for letting me ramble. It helps for me to share. You're all good listeners!
MoLu, I can't believe all you've been thru. It teaches us not to blame everything on menopausal symptoms. Here's wishing you a real easy time in your 60's, 70's and 80's - you sure deserve it!!

Please ramble anytime you wish!!

i am also going for a biospy on the 12th of this month. Yes i can concerned. The doc is nice and going to p0ut me out for it. All this cancer talk to me is all very new. Ihaven't had a pap in at least 5 years. i have had some bleeding well nothing red so i had no idea to get it checked out. It has always been more like brown so how was i to know it was blood. i don't what else to say about it but until today i have been thinking that it is not going to be cancer. I keep praying and hope things work out for you all on the boards. i also have somthing called fibromyalgia. As far as i am concerned i think that is enough for me and anyone else do deal with.

Ok, finally got some results. No cancer in the endometrial biopsy. But, the doctor is suppose to call me back after she reviews it further and I may need to go in. Not sure what else might be going on, if anything. I'm wondering if this is all tied to my Graves Disease (diagnosed last week), considering some of the symptoms. I just want to feel better. I was telling a collegue what was going on with me and she wanted to know if I was going to be ok with gaining weight (going hypothyroid) once I got treated! What an idiot! (She deserved that!) I'll be ok with feeling good; how about that!

Chris - My best to you. Hang in there and keep us all posted. No matter what we are handed, I think we are given the strength from above to deal with it.
chodin that is so great about your biopsy results. I bet you are so relieved about that. What an insensitive person your collegue is. All you care about right now is to be healthy. I hope you are feeling back to yourself soon. Keep us updated!!

Thanks, Judi! I appreciate your kindness. I'll be having radioactive iodine treatment on Friday to tone down my hyperthyroid. I suppose I should move on to that thread, but I've really felt the compassion being part of this one. I notice you are from Irvine....I spent some time there handling my aunt's estate about 10 years back...what a lovely area of California, truly one of my favorites!
Hi everyone

I am new to this site. I had an endo biopsy last week (11/14) and I hope to have my results by Weds (11/21). My doctor did the biopsy because on U/S my endometrium measured 18mm. I took tamoxifin for only 9 months about 1 1/2 years ago. I guess he thinks that there is a remote but small chance that this may be cancer; however, he really thinks it is probably a polyp which he plans on removing next week. (he scheduled my for d/c hystroscope right away so that I would not have to wait six weeks for an available OR time). The biospy really did not bother me-I experienced some small cramping and some back ache for which I took some extra strength tylenol.

I am intested to hear if anyone has undergone an Breast MRI with results that showed an increase in uptake to what the Rad said is common for premenapousal; however, very strange in a post menapousal women. My doctor has drawn blood to determine if my estrogen level is high. I am wondering if the issue of high estrogen and endometrial thickning are related.

Hi shisslak,

Welcome! Waiting for these test results are not any fun but it really helps to share with others that are going thru the same things.

You asked "I am wondering if the issue of high estrogen and endometrial thickning are related." Yes they are. If you have high estrogen and low progesterone your lining could thicken. That is what my endo biopsy showed. Now I am taking Prometrium (progesterone) 12 nights a month. I've only taken it 1 month so far and start again on Saturday. So far I have no problems with it and it makes me sleep really well. Adding the progesterone should help in ovulation in order to shed the lining. I have no info on the MRI.

Best Wishes on your test results and keep us updated.

Thanks for the reply. I am unable to take any hormones since I had a lumpectomy in 2005 that contain hyperplasia that was estrogen positive. From what I understand from my gyn-this means no more hormones for me. I can only hope that there is an alternative treatment.

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