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I am premenopausal. I have had in between spotting twice this year. I know that this can happen when you are getting close to menopause. I panic when it happens because I know it could be signs of cancer. My question to you is how long did you wait to go see the doctor about this? Did you go because of the frequency? I still get my monthly period, but like I said about twice a year I get in between spotting.

Thank you in advance.

I had my biopsy done because of bleeding after intercourse. When I said something to my gyn at my yearly visit, she said it could be due to perimenopause. When the bleeding continued for 4months after wards, I called them, she told me it was do to inflammation that showed up in my pap. They failed to tell me this when I got my pap result 4 months earlier. Had the biopsy done, now scheduled for a D&C with hysteroscopy later this month. My biopsy showed some endometrial cell possilbe due to fibroid/polyps. I was told most likely not cancer. So now almost a year later, I am hoping to get some answers finally in a few weeks.
Found out though all this, that you really do need to push your doctor for answers and not to push everything off to "perimenopause".

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