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I just have to join this thread. I can so relate to all of this. I just got the results to my biopsy and not good. I have complex hyperplasia atypia. Pre uterine cancer. I am so thankfull I reacted to some symptons and didn't blow them off like I was close to doing. Don't know what the next step is but probably surgery. Will meet with the dr next week to hear my options. I am 56 and thought I would never go thru menopause. Finally last Easter I stopped having my periods and said about time! All of the sudden I started again but it was just too heavy. I know perimenopause can be weird so I waited several days and it just didn't seem right so called the nurse at my gyno to get some advise. They suggested ultrasound and biopsy. So glad I called I can't tell you. Ladies listen to your bodies. If something doesn't seem right check it out. I have been very healthy most of my life until the past two years and everything is going to .... Have thyroid problems too. Husband was dx with prostate cancer 6 months ago and now this. I have my colonscopy scheduled for the 4th so I had better keep that appt too. You're so right about taking stock in the medical field. I truly support all their luxury yachts! Though I have to admit a good dr is worth their weight in gold.
Good luck to all that are waiting for their results.

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