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I just had an endo biopsy for thicken lining without bleeding. I also had any hystroscope and d/c done.

My results were a large uterine polyp and normal endo lining.

It seems that the common thread to possibly having a pre-cancerous or unterine cancer is if you are experiencing any unusual bleeding. From what I have read the common rule of thumb with a thickened endo lining is to always assume Uterine CA until proven otherwise.

So I hope your mother is fine

I have polycystic ovaries and dysfunctional uterine bleeding, I had a hysteroscopy and polypectopy in december. Got results today saying I have overactive endometrial lining and am now at high risk of cancer. Was given PROVERA tablets to take for 3mnths before having another hysteroscopy. Has anyone else had these tablets?

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