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I just went through this last month. Had some discomfort and my gyn ordered an u/s. This showed a thickened endometrium of 18mm. My doc first did an endometrial biopsy which is a procedure done in the office. It takes a little over 10 minutes to perform. Some patients have discomfort with this, I really only had some cramping and back pain. This went away in a couple of hours. It has been suggested that you take advil or tylenol before this test. My biopsy results came back negative; however, since I had a previous diagnosis of atypical hyperplasia of the breast I have not allowed to have any more hormones with is typically the treatment for this condition. so my doc did a d/c which again is a simple procedure; however, it must be done in the operating room because they do put you to sleep. Again the pathology came back negative.
Hormones due play a part in the thickening, sometimes for some reason you produce to much estogen. I hope everything does work out for you and this information helps you relax.

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