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I was diagnosed with uterine cancer last October, had a hysterectomy including the removal of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the cervix in November. The pathology report stated the ovaries, fallopian tubes and cervix were negative for cancer cells. My doctor wanted a second opinion on the course of treatment so referred me on to the cancer clinic in my area. I was told that the pathology report, although it indicates the cancer had not spread..the grade of the cells is 1 to 2. The cancer had invaded the lining of the uterus to half-way from the wall of the uterus and the tumor had involved 70% of the endomitrium. The oncologist said my case fell within a grey area because although the cancer is stage 1, the cells are grade 1 to 2 and involvement is half-way. He has suggested 2 options to me...I can have follow up appointments, every 3 months where I will be monitored or I can go ahead with radiation, a course of 25 treatments, beginning in March. My concern is the lymph nodes were not removed when the surgery was done and this is causing me to lean towards radiation.

I would be appreciative of any comments from anyone who has gone through radiation treatment. Or if anyone has any other suggestions.


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