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I just curious. I've had bowel issues the last few months with test showing something, but nothing alarming (small abnormalities on my liver "probably benign", enlarged uterus, thickening of endometrium, slow down on lower left side during a bowel series, read as normal, etc).

I had a pelvic ultrasound that showed a cyst on my right ovary (looked to be bleeding) and uterine fibroids. My husband has been insistent someone check for cancer since I've also have weight loss in a short period of time (25-30lbs in less than a month). My CA125 came back as slightly elevated, but I don't think it's really a concern.

To me that US looked OK. I am curious though how they can tell they are fibroids or something else from an ultrasound? I have read that fibroids can cause bowel issue. Seems most things can!

I am scheduled for a colonoscopy mid Jan and to see my GYN shortly after that.

I'm just so annoyed!

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