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My name is Brittany. I am new to the board. My mom is 50 years old and has had problems with heavy bleeding and bad cramps for years now. Recently, she missed her period a couple months and thought she may be going through menopause but then the bleeding started again. Because she hasn't gone a significant amount of time without a period, she figured she has not gone through menopause yet. Because of the heavy bleeding and terrible cramps, she asked her gyn about a hystorectomy. He did the utltra sound test to make sure she was a candidate I guess and my mother got a call today that the test showed her uterus is abnormally thick and she needed to come back in for another test to make sure it isn't Uterine Cancer. I am worried sick! I started to read up on it but can't seem to find anything specific on what a thick lining of the Uterus means for a woman like my mom. I love my mom and am scared. Does anyone know how likely she is to have cancer or does anyone have a simular experience? Any insight with knowledge or experience would be much appreciated. Please help!
Hi Brit1981-
My situation was very similar to your mom's. I'm 57 and just had a hysterectomy 5 weeks ago. I too wasn't thru menopause yet believe it or not. I had missed my menses for about 6 months so was feeling good that I was finally in menopause. Then stared bleeding heaving but I didn't have the cramps your mom speaks of. Anyway I called because the bleeding just didn't seem right and they agreed I should get checked out. Had a uterine biopsy and ultrasound which showed I had complex hyperplasia atypia. Pre-uterine cancer. I don't mean to scare you but it could be possible and the sooner you find out the better. It is a very curable cancer when caught early. I had my hysterectomy and no cancer was found. So the sooner she is checked out the better and then you will be able to put it behind you. If they find just hyperplasia then they will be able to treat that too to prevent it turning into cancer. This is just my experience and there are probably all kinds of other reasons but it is good she is getting checked out. Good luck to you.
i am 56 and had thicking of the womb and had to have biospy and d&c i was very worried but they found no cancer the gyne said it was just one of the things. try not to worry too much.

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