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I have already posted on this web site but I don't think people understand the question I am asking or maybe just don't have an answer. Anyways, I went to my family doctor a few months ago and had a regular ultrasound and then a vaginal one, my family doctor was concerned with the results because a had a cyst on my left ovary and my uterus was covered in fibroids, he recommended a second vag. ultrasound. The results this time were there were no cysts and my lining of the uterus was 18mm thick. I am a 32 year old mother of 2, my doctor said this is a good thing and not to worry because I am so young and cancer of the uterus at this age is rare. However, my great grandmother died of this type of cancer when she was young. I am going for a biopsy in a couple of weeks and am very nervous. I am wondering if anybody can offer me any insight into what I might expect and any other information about this, especially with me being so young there isn't that much information.
I also just recently had one. One thing my doctor mentioned was that cancer of the uterus, even with thickened lining, is very rare. He told me its rate is something like 10%. You are wise to check it out though, especially since a family member had it. It is highly curable if discovered early. As for the biopsy itself, my experience was a bit different than the one of the PP. I too had DH there for support and squeezed the life out of his hand because to be honest with you, I thought it did hurt (very crampy). However it is over very fast. The whole thing was like two minutes long and the painful part was probably less than 30 seconds!

Let us know how it goes.

[QUOTE=BioAdoptMom3;3422564] One thing my doctor mentioned was that cancer of the uterus, even with thickened lining, is very rare. He told me its rate is something like 10%.

Not to worry any of you more than you are already worried, but uterine cancer is not that rare at all. It is expected that 1 out of 32 women will be diagnosed with endo or uterine cancer this year. To me, that is a fairly large number. The good news is that it is the most curable cancer that women can get. And avoidable! My doctor told me it is rare to see a thin in shape women being diagnosed these days. Since the doctor mentioned the possibility to me, I have done a TON of research. It is rare for those under the age of 55. However, if you are overweight your risk doubles and if you are obese your risk triples. The American population is getting fatter and fatter so the prevalence of this disease is going to greatly increase. I think if we are all better educated about this disease it could help a lot. This has been my wake up call. I have been over weight for the past 15 years and have not had much motivation to lose the weight. I hope it is not too little too late at this point. I want to see my children grow up and to hold my grandchildren someday. It sucks that I have to threatened with cancer to figure this all out.

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