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I have a family history of female cancer so I worry more than I need to . I know the chances of having my biopsies turn out to be uterine cancer are slim to none but it dosnt help with the waiting came at all . I have been having 2 week looong periods with heavy bleeding and cloting then bleeding for days at a time between periods for the last 6 months .I have lost a total of 30 pounds since then , 10 in the last week . In the last 2 weeks my gyno has done a uterine biopsy ,ultrasound and then 5 days ago I had surgery .... hysteroscopy with D&C . I have small fibroids in the uterine wall and they removed a cyst from the uterine cavity , nothing done yet for the overy that has attached itself to the pelvic wall . So far I wont have any of the results from my biopsys for another week . This is driving me insane , I have been taking a multi vitamin and an iron supplement for the last 6 months and I am still anemic , very weak , no energy , fainting and dizzy spells and I have a husband and 2 kids to take care of . I sit on a heating pad and eat tylonol but it does nothing to stop the constant cramps . I cramp all the way through to my back and even sex has become more and more painfull . I am at my witts end , I wish they would just do the hysterectomy and be done with it so I could get back to a normal life . Has anyone else had this and how in the world did you cope?

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