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I am 36yrs old. I have polycyctic ovaries. I have normally 2 periods a year. I started my period in november and have continually been bleeding or spotting until the 2nd week in january when i started what seemed like a normal period for me which is heavy. I kept bleeding w/big clots for over 2weeks and went to the doc. they did a vaginal sonogram and said my lining is an inch thick. they referred me to a gyno which i wont see til 2/26 but i am bleeding heavier than ever. my question is this: do you think they will do the endometrial biopsy or just do a D&C? I dont want to go thru a biopsy if they are gonna have to do a D&C to stop the bleeding. Not sure but i am thinking this bleeding is never gonna stop on its own.

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