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Hi to all, I am new to this "topic" and have some questions. From July to August I had abnormal uterine bleeding AND bleeding after sex so my doctor did a D & C. Everthing went fine and the bleeding stopped. Now again February the same thing happened, 9 day period and then gushing blood after sex. I just had a cervical balloon ablation and I think a D & C on top of it, on Friday morning that led to an overnight stay in the hospital due to excruiating pain and a BP of 170/156. They gave me morphine and I still was in terrible pain. I came home yesterday and have been 85% complete bed rest. I still have pain, look pregnant, lower back pain and am urinating constantly. The bleeding is very faint which is good. My legs feel like rubber and I am having trouble walking up stairs which follows abdominal pain. I was told that I would be up and running in 1 day by a friend. What is the normal recoup for this procedure?? Are these symptoms normal??
Any advice would be helpful. I am 45 years old and am [B]not[/B] in peri-menopause per my blood test done last week.
Thank you
Hi, I had the uterine biopsy ( 4 of them) done in the Dr's office 4 days before the ablation was done and then more during the procedure. I just wish I knew what was going on since bleeding after sex is NOT normal and I am not menapausal. Thinning out of the uterine wall?? I had PIDS years ago and had my right ovary and tube removed from an ectopic pregnancy. It is now a waiting game. I wish you luck on the 2nd and hope everything goes well. Are you menapausal??

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