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Re: Ultrasound
Mar 9, 2008
Thank you again for your quick reply. I had a merina IUD inserted because of my long and heavy periods. My 1st period since I had the IUD inserted wasn't as heavy but it's longer (on 11th day) but very light. My doctor told me that after about 3 months I won't have any more periods.

I'm OK with having fibroids and even some cysts that goes away but when I read the report, I get nervous because I really don't know what I'm reading. LOL In the 2nd ultrasound, I think it's saying that the cyst on my left and right overy got a tiny bit smaller but another one formed on my left overy which now means I have 2 cysts on my left overy and 1 cyst on my right overy. Plus a lot of fibroids. Is that's what the 2nd ultrasound is basically saying? I'm going to the doctor on Tuesday to go over it with her.

If I can avoid a hystrectomy (sp), I will. I'm 44 years old and getting close to menopause. This IUD last about 5 years and my doctor said that I won't need another one because when this one comes out, I'll probably be starting menopause.


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