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Re: Ultrasound
Mar 7, 2008
Hello Bernice,

You will have to discuss this report with your doctor in order to confirm what it says. I would not worry though. Leiomyomas are just uterine fibroids which are benign. Yours says it is submucosal meaning that it is contained partially inside the uterine wall. This is probably why the radiologist sometimes has trouble seeing it clearly with the ultrasound and suspects that there are more (ie. heterogeneous wall means it is "bumpy" I think so there are probably other less visible leimyomas or benign fibroids in your uterus). Ovarian cysts are common and come and go in ALL women every month. If the cysts are fluid filled and less than 5 cm they are just normal functional cysts that women get every month during ovulation and which go away by themselves over a few menstrual cycles. In order to minimize the number of cysts that are found on your ultrasound, go for your ultrasound during your period (I imagine you are going for an external ultrasound ? if it is internal then perhaps at the end of your period or just before you get your period). Your ovary will vary in size according to the size of the cysts that are contained in it. The report mentioned that the cysts changed in size but since cysts are contained within the ovary, this will change the size of the ovary as well). At any point in time any woman is almost guaranteed to have ovarian follicular cysts and this is normal. Your uterine lining will change thickness as well, all depending upon the time of your menstrual cycle at which you have the ultrasound. Just before your period your lining will be thicker than just after your period (after you have shed the lining). You might want to try going at the same time of your cycle in order to minimize differences as much as possible.

Anyway, discuss all of this with your doctor and verify what I have said (I am not a medical professional .. just someone with a large ovarian cyst who has had to do a lot of research as of late).

Take care.

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