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Re: Ultrasound
Jun 8, 2008
Hello Bernice,

Did you doctor tell you that women grow cysts on their ovaries every month ? At the beginning of your cycle you begin to grow cysts on your ovaries which contain eggs. At ovulation the cysts burst open and release an egg into the fallopian tube. Then they regress until after your period when they begin to grow again. At any point in time, a woman will have several cysts on her ovaries (only one dominant follicle bursts open to release an egg .. ie. the largest cyst). Try to go for your ultrasound when you are on your period as this is the time you are the least likely to see cysts on the ovaries. As for the leyomioma .. these are like fibroids but inside the uterine wall. They are also most often benign (75% of women have fibroids and many don't even know it). If the fibroids are causing a problem, there are many procedures you can do which do not require general anaesthesia (endometrial ablation, cutting off the blood supply to the fibroids until they shrink etc..). Keep in mind that fibroids shrink after menopause. Do a bit of reading on the topic before you decide to have everything taken out. Your ovaries and your uterus are useful to you even if you are done having children. It is now known that women who keep their ovaries until age 65 live longer than those who don't. And removal of the uterus can sometimes cause problems with the bladder due to a lack of support in that area. Look up all of the words used on the report and really know what the radiologist is saying before jumping to conclusions (for example adnexal just means ovarian .. and the aggregrate size just means when he adds all of the little cysts together so if this number is larger than last month's, it means absolutely nothing .. never heard of a radiologist who adds all of the cysts together to get an aggregate size !). Know what the real situation is before making a decision out of fear.

I have had an 8 cm simple cyst on my left ovary for about 10 months (that I know of .. it may have been there before) and have opted to simply keep an eye on it. Unless it changes or starts to grow, I will keep taking a look every once in a while to ensure that all is well. I have therefore chosen not to opt for surgery right away. Keep in mind that although keyhole surgery requires anaesthesia and a hysterectomy may not, the laparoscopy (keyhole surg) is a minor surgery compared to a full hysterectomy and has a quicker recovery time (about a week). Know all of your options, take your time and make a decision you will be happy with.

I wish you well.

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