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Hello, I am 39. I had some abnormal bleeding between my last 2 periods and for the first time my last period was 21 days. Because my new husband and I were trying to get pregnant I rushed to the gyno. He did a pelvic exam and said my uterus was enlarged. He did a vaginal ultra sound and then a biopsy and told me he did not see anything on the ultra sound. A week later my diagnosis came back like this: atypical glandular epithelial clusters with mucinous differetiation, suspicious for an endometrial mucinous neoplasm. My gyno told me that it was not good news and that I most likely had the very early stages of cancer and that I should have a hysteroctomy. But I have since been told that cancer was not mentioned in my diagonis and that I should seek a second opionon. I am doing that next week. I don't know if I have cancer or not. I am so scared. I had a ct scan yesterday and I should know more next week.

I should also mention that my regular doctor noticed an enlarged thyroid and had an ultra sound this past week as well along with a full blood work up. I don't know those results yet either. He was at the time unaware of my possible cancer diagnosis.

Any advice would be so helpful. Thank you very much. I am so scared.
Hi Mary,

Just to let you know that I am 100% cancer free. We are so happy. They found one polyp and it was ok. That most likely was the cause of my abnormal bleeding. As far as my uterus being enlarged - no reason for that. The doc said that was just how the good Lord made me. So I go from one doc telling me I most likely had cancer to this. We are glad there was a happy ending to this story.

Thanks for you replies. It was very helpful.

God Bless,


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