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I am going through a similar pain, only on the left side. But my pain is definitely the ovary. I wasn't certain for quite awhile, but once I went in for a pelvic exam to the gyno and he felt the left ovary, I went through the roof in pain. The pain refers to my hip and down my leg, all the way to my calf. It started around the 23rd of last month, my periods have been irregular since feb. I have become hugely bloated in the last 3 weeks, my kids [I]really[/I] think I'm pregnant. I'm not. My ultrasound showed both my ovaries and uterine wall looked fine, but my gyno believes the problem is definitely gynocological.
I've just come from a pelvis & abdomen ct scan. Hope to have the results Monday. Until then, I rest with pillows between my legs, use the heating pad and take pain pills.

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