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i was recently diagnosed with complex hyperplasia with atypia and was
scheduled for surgery on 7/2..for a 2nd biopsy and d & C. During pre-op on 7/1 , it was determined i have atrial fibrillation and an appt was scheduled with a cardiologist (on 7/22), because the anesthesiologist said i need an ok from cardio/ before they will put me to sleep, etc. both of these conditions are new and surprising for me.................... my question concerns how safe is it to delay this. i getting jittery
waiting and don't know if the comp.hyper/with atypia progress quickly.
I just wanted to say that I didn't know it until i got copies of my medical records but apparently there was an issue with my breathing (i had x-rays and pul.tests done PRIOR to surgery & had a cardiology approval for surgery)in surgery and from what I can tell they decided it was not in my best interest to give me general pain medications etc. typically used in surgery so they used an epidural. (I was asleep of course and completely unaware of anything going on.) From my view point the epidural helped with the pain (no pain after surgery or recuperatiing)but the epidural did not relieve the soreness (oh my god)after surgery; it only hurt when I moved. If I was still I was fine but the soreness took a little bit to get over.

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