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I am 42 year old, for the last maybe last couple of years my period have been getting worse. I know a week in advance because I get terrible pain in my lower back, sometimes it run down my leg. I have very large and dark red blood clots, sometimes I can feel when they are coming out. I do not bleed in between periods, I usually get in about every 28-30 days.

Every year I do I PAP test everything is alright. This time I spoke strongly to my DR about an Ultra sound, Which he did send and the found a small mass less than 1mm. I do have two cysts in each ovary. All he told me was to reapeat the iultra sound in 6 weeks.
I did this time the result say the my uterus is enlarged, thickened endometrum and small amount of fluid in the endocervical canal.
I have search thru the internet all it keeps bring up is uterine cancer. I do not
know if that what it is I call his office and he wants to see me for a follow up
He Can see me until next week. I don't want to jump the gun but I am a little scared. Please tell me if any one know of any other condition it could be Thank for your time

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