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Hi Belle:wave:
I'm 54 and last year I went through similar. The biopsy was too uncomfortable, so he prescribed me vicodin and valium....I think, all I remember is that it was one pill each of two different drugs. I had the biopsy with no pain or problem.
In my case I was positive for Endometrium cancer. A friend had a jerk doctor that made the comment that if you had to get cancer, that would be the one that you want. And actually there is some truth in that. Caught early it is confined to the Uterus and once it is removed, so is the cancer.

I'm not knowledgeable in cancer cells. But the biopsy showed agressive cancer cells......but after surgery, the pathology did NOT find those type of cells. Hmmmmm? :confused: Its been a year since surgery and I feel fine, but I did all along. I Stage at II and so they recommended radiation, but I opted out and they respected my descision.

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