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I had this same biopsy because my endometrium was also thick....I do not know the mm's though. My doc is pushing fo me to have some kind of scraping to end my monthly bleeding. I am 47 (almost 48) and have been pretty regular, until this month I am about 3-7 days late!! I don't know how I feel about this scraping, you wonder if it is better to let "nature do it's thing", but then on the other hand, I have heard it is best to not bleed for the benefit of the uterus? Anyway, I read in a book, that the thickening can be caused by low progesterone. I did do a saliva test to see my levels of Progesterone, estragen and Testosterone....and low and behold I was very low on Progesterone and slightly low on testosterone. My estrogen was normal. I took the results in to my doc and was willing to compound a progesterone and testosterone for me. It is a liquid and I put 1ml under my tongue 1x per day. I would be curious to now do another vag ultrasound to see what my endometrium looks like now!!!!


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