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I am writing a new thread because I have much more and new information about my Mother's condition which I am so scared all I do is shake and cry and just stare at the wall. It all started out with Mom thinking she had another flare up of IBS, so she went to have a colonoscopy and cat scan. All was perfect and clean. So we jumped for joy. TWO AND I MEAN "TWO" months later she had a little bloodspotting. We went to the gyno and she cut off a cervical polyp that was cancer. We met with the oncologist who lucky us is also a gyno and surgeon. Three doctors in one and she is considered one of the best. She went in and had a full hysterectomy. Once inside the Dr. saw that there was cancer was in the cervix, the uterus, and the Omentum. The cancer was so bad in the Omentum it was causing the omentum to stick together and fold over on each other. There was also lots of tumors everywhere. She took ALL of this out, everything. Now we wait on the pathology report. She wants chemo once a week, which seems like only a little? Could that be a good thing? Maybe she will want even more when the pathology report comes back. She also said this kind of cancer is hard to treat with chemo which I dont understand? This is the same exact cancer and situation that happened to my Mother's Mother who lives. Question is if she got all the bad stuff and chemo starts in 5 weeks shouldnt it give us even a chance a medium chance at least??? Also how bad is the chemo effects? After they give it to you, do you feel better the next day? or is it deathly ill all week until the next chemo shot? Any answers would be great. I am so out of my mind I am having to take Xanax just to deal with it, and it is VERY hard not to cry and have a doomed look on my face around my Mom. She is my best friend and I love her so...:(
P.S. Please forgive any typo's, I am to lazy to go bak and fix

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