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Also my mother had a hysterectomy and chemotherapy and they even tried alternative treatments, and after her hysterectomy and chemotherapy she went into a very short remission for just about a month and came home from the hospital but then her cancer spread to her lungs! My mother ironically was a social worker who worked with cancer patients! My mother didn't have any sisters but she had no close female family members with uterine cancer. Her mother lived to be 91 and her maternal grandmother lived to be 90, my grandmother's youngest sister died of breast cancer in her 40's.

My gynocologist is such an insensitive creep! She called me back a day after I had left 2 messages with her receptionist about getting a transvaginal pelvic ultrasound for some peace of mind before I get the uterine biopsy on August 28 which I had asked her for when she first called me and told me about this. I was told that getting the transvaginal ultrasound first lets the doctor know where exactly to biopsy.

In the Fall of 2005 I went to my regular gynocologist and told her about the spotting in between my period and all she did was give me a regular pelvic exam, then some months later I had the spotting again so I went back to see another woman gynocologist who was there on a day mine wasn't. And I told her about the spotting and that I was really concerned because my mother died of uterine cancer at age 49. All this gyno did was give me a regular pelvic exam and neither could answer me why the spotting is happening, she said I have to come in when it happens which is not easy to do because it skips months and the women gynocologists are not always there when it happens. She said she would be concerned if I was bleeding heavily but who wants to wait until then?! I have been getting my period since I was 12 and a half but I *never* had any spotting in between my period until when it started!

I went to my internist in February 2006 and told her about the spotting and my concerns and when I told her that the 2 gyno's just gave me a pelvic exam, she said she wanted me to have a transvaginal pelvic ultrasound because there are certain things you can't see with just a regular pelvic exam. So I had it done in October 2006 since the spotting had gone away for a while and it came back normal. But I just read a post on a message board about women who got uterine cancer from tamoxifen to treat their breast cancer and one woman said that she had just a black and white transvaginal ultrasound with no color doppler and they missed her uterine tumor! It made me think about the fact that they didn't use color doppler with my pelvicvaginal ultrasound sound either and that was almost 2 years ago and my spotting in between my period is still going on off and on and now these endometrial cells turned up in my Pap test! It makes me so afraid to think that some tumor or tumors are in my uterus by now!!

My gynocologist was nasty and annoyed with me for calling her office again and wanting some real answers about what this means my stepmother had said to me after my gynocologist first told me about this, that she scared me and didn't really tell me anything about what this is and means. My stemother said you call her and ask her to explain this to you and I said well she doesn't act nice about it like with the abnormal Cervical Cells on my Pap test years ago, and my stermother said you can be tough ask her.She wanted me to wait until September to come in her office and talk about this and she would try to do a biopsy because I asked her if it hurts and she said yes and if she can't do it in her office I'll have to have a D&C where they put you to sleep and I'm too afraid of being put to sleep!

She said most of the time this is nothing, and that a family history plays a role but there is not a strong genetic link to uterine cancer and yet she still wanted to do a biopsy! She said that I should find another gynocologist and that I should see a psychiatrist! She had the nerve to also bring up how afraid I was when in November 2003 I had ,a Pap test come back showing abnormal cervical cells and I asked a Cancer Society to send me information on Pap tests and cervical cancer soon after this and it says don't use tampons 2 or 3 days before the test because it effects the results. And I had been using tampons just 2 days before so I'm sure thats what happened there and I had 3 normal follow up Pap tests after until this one. And I said to her I had good reason to be worried then but this new result is different and much more worrisome because the other abnormal test didn't show endometrial cells which are not very common on a Pap test and my mother died of uterine not cervical cancer!

I really do want to find another gynocologist who is nicer but it seems it's really hard to find nice doctors, medical assistants and nurses and some of her recptionists and medical assistants are nasty creeps too!. My stepmother had asked me to ask my gynecologists medical assistant to fax over my results to her and she said in a not nice way to me, no she's not going to fax it over to my mother in law or anyone, else because she had faxed it to a top cancer center in my city and I told my stepmother this and she said they are really nasty in that office! And this gynecologist is really convenient right across the street and takes both of my insurrances.

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