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I'm new on here and I have posted on other forums about my 3 small thyroid nodules (one is 1cm and is predominately solid on the left side which my endo biopsied twice in one day, and the other 2 or about 6 and 7mm and are mostly cystic and one of these is on my isthmus which isn't a very common place for nodules to be!) that were found by accident in late 2005 on an ultrasound and my thyroid blood tests have always been normal. I just had an FNA on June 24th by a very good endo and I had my samples sent to another pathologist at a top hospital for a second opinion and both pathologists didn't see any cancer and the second pathologist says he does recommend clinical follow up for these nodules and another FNA if any of them grow.

Also I do have some of the ultrasound features that are commonly found with thyroid cancer and a Clinical Endocrinologist says that FNA is only 95% accurate and I know it's not as easy to get a great sample when the nodules especially my other 2 are this small. So now after almost 3 years of being so afraid about this and reading a lot of scary medical information about thyroid cancer which has been reported increased especially in women, and they are finding an increase in very small papillary thyroid cancers often picked up like mine were by accident on ultrasounds and other imaging tests and I communicated with many thyroid cancer survivors some of which had recurrences, and having the thyroid FNA, I now have to have a uterine biopsy on August 28 and my stepmother is taking me to her gynocologist for it!

I had a Pap test on July 24th and a week later my gynocologist calls me and tells me that endometrial cells were found on my Pap test! I asked her what does this mean I'm really scared because my own mother died of uterine cancer on September 1, 1985 in just 4 months after being diagnosed at the age of 49! My gynocologist didn't even tell me or explain that much and all she said was it happens sometimes and that if I was under 40 we could just ignore it, but because I'm 43 she is required to do a biopsy.She said it might have happened because my period had ended 2 days before. But my internist said that it's not very common for this to happen and that other women have Pap tests near the end of their periods too but endometrial cells don't usually show up in their Pap tests.

I have also been spotting reddish browinish blood for about 3 or 4 days at a time in between my period off and on since the Fall of 2005 and it happened again in March and April and I have been getting my period since I was 12 and half but I never had any spotting in between my period before. I also have never been pregnant and I have never used birth control pills and I know that these are also risk factors for endometrial uterine cancer.

I have found other women who also had endometrial cells in their Pap tests and they are really worried too but they didn't say that they had spotting in between their periods and that they had any family members especially their mother who had and or died from uterine cancer so I'm doubly afraid! I have found many very good medical studies on great academic medical sites where both gynocologists and patients have discussions on there and they say that it's not very common for endometrial cells to show up on Pap tests but it's not rare either especially towards the beginning or end of a woman's period and that it does happen sometimes and most of the time it's not uterine cancer in menstrating women but is more often cancer in postmenapausal women but also if there is other symtoms like vaginal bleeding.

But they also say that one of the causes of endometrial cells showing up on Pap tests is because of low or high grade uterine cancer! And there have been women who had normal benign endometrial cells on their Pap test and they had endometrial uterine cancer! And a study in June 2007 by The Oncologogy Gynocology Department at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center found that out of 2494 of premenopausal women age 40 and older, from a 12 month period endometrial cells on Pap tests were found to have significant uterine pathology regardless of what part of their menstrual cycle they were in!

From the time my mother died I have asked 4 different gynocologists and my internist if uterine cancer is genetic and if I have to worry about it, and they all always told me that breast cancer is more commonly genetic but that uterine cancer usually isn't. Yet I spoke with a woman at a Cancer Society and she said that contrary to what I have been told their document does say family history is a risk factor with uterine cancer. and that women with family members who had uterine cancer are more likely to get it and on the web site of the hospital where my mother died they talk about risk factors and they say that women who have family members especially a mother or sister who had uterine cancer or twice as likely to get it!

Also I recently called both hospitals where my mother was at which includes the second one she died at and I requested her medical records be sent to me and my father a retired lawyer, faxed them the info they needed and they are sending them to him by regular mail so we can find out exactly what type of uterine cancer my mother had and maybe why she died so fast. I asked my father if my mother had any symptoms for months before her diagnosis and he said yes, they went on a vacation to France 8 months before she was diagnosed and he said she was exhausted ,had no energy and was practically fainting but she put it off for months before going to the doctor! She got overweight in her mid-late 30's after being thin in her 20's but she was not in any bad health I don't remember her ever being in a hospital for anything. I remember she was bleeding about a month before she was diagnosed but she didn't go to a doctor right away because she thought she was getting menopause! She died a week and 4 days before her 50th birthday!

So I'm very afraid and I wanted to please know from any women on here who has had a uterine biopsy, if the endometrial biopsy hurts that bad. And I would really appreciate any info and support you have about endometrial cells on Pap tests.

Thank You
Hi, I'm 54, and last year I had radical hysterectomy for Endometrial Cancer. It was staged at II and radiation was recommended, but I refused it and the doctors respected my choice. 25yrs ago an Endocrinologist found a Pituitary tumor (benign) that led to Hypothyroidism. My maternal grandmother died at 90 and my mother is 94 and has never had cancer or thyroid problems.
I too, never was on BC or had a pregnancy.
But....always but. I have always been obese....morbidly obese....301# my highest weight. Currently I'm 290#.
After being diagnosed with Endo cancer I read that the over production of Estrogen is produced in fat.....seriously I did not know that before. Would I have changed and lost weight if I knew that..........I doubt it.

I was too skittish to have the Endometrial biopsy, so my good gyn rescheduled and gave me an Rx for two pills, I think valium and vicodin. I still was tense, but made it through without pain. Afterwards the clinic called me and told me to keep my appt with my gyn, but that they were scheduling me with another dr. I saw the gyn and he told me that they found cancer and that the gynecologist/oncologist would be handling it.

I had surgery a month later. The pathology only found cancer in the Uterus. No cancer cells were found in the fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries or the lymph nodes that were taken. Strangely the pathology did NOT find agressive cancer cells that the biopsy did. They don't know why.

Here a year later I feel fine and a CAT scan showed that I'm cancer free.

About your mom's cancer and death. It was 1985 and medicine has come a long way even since then. If you get the free pamphlet from National Institute of Health, you will find that chemo is rarely if ever used on Endometrial cancer. Your mother's cancer sounds as if it had mestastized by the time it was found. And even though it goes/travels to other organs in the body like lungs, will still be called Endometrium cancer.

Truthfully I don't know how I would react had my mother had died of the same cancer I was diagnosed with. But please remember that there is new technology and you may be 50% mom, but you are also 50% dad.

The best to you.

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