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My wife is already being investigated for post mempausal bleeding and we are now waiting for the results of a biopsy done three days ago.
She had an hysteroscopy with the biopsy. The doctor showed photos from the hysteroscopy and stated that the blood was definately 'menstruel blood' and showed the womb walls even had the 'look of a period'
My wife was told not to worry as all seemed OK and would be contacted in 6-8 weeks for a routine follow up consultation with the specialist with the proviso that if unexpectedly the biopsy showed anything wrong we would hear in under 2 weeks. We are assured in some ways but see our question below!!! Does all this add up?
Does anyone know if endometrical cancer or any other condition other than a genuine period can cause a post menopausal woman (2 years since finishing menopause) to start having regular period like bleeding every 3-4 weeks? in this latest episode my wife even experienced the feeling of having a period, even tender breasts!?
Can in fact periods just naturalystart up again for a while or for an isolated episode or does there have to be something wrong?

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