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I have a polyp on my cervix. I am wondering if I should worry. My dr. seems to not be worried. Which worries me. Why would you keep a polyp around and not remove it? I am 37. I have a history of cancers in my family. My mom had a full hysterectomy at my age. Thoughts?
I had polyps and fibroyds on my cervices the first time removed I had a very simple surgey and up and around the next day with a little cramping...About 4yrs later I had started to bleed..I bled for 8months before I got my hysterectomy..I just had that June 19th of this yr..I was up and around in two days..Now a days hysterectomys are labrostopic..Just three litttle scares on the side of my belly..So either way don`t be scared ..God bless you..
Thank you so much for your reply! I am trying to decide what to do. I am really scared as I just lost a cousin from cancer a couple of years ago and I don't know one person in my family who doesn't die from cancer. So, I am going to have a hysterectomy myself as well. I have severe anemia, severe menstrual bleeding and this polyp. I am done having kids, have my tubes tied, why should I keep having periods and keep stuff around I don't need? Thanks for letting me know about your procedure. My dr. will not remove my ovaries, however as she says I am too young. What are your thoughts on that? I think my ovaries are making me crazy. Thanks again.
don't fool around, get a second opinion Good Luck
I had a polyp on my cervix. They removed it in the office (no pain) and sent it off to be analyzed. Gyno told me they were very common and almost always benign. Mine was benign. Don't have a hysterectomy for a polyp. Have it removed and then if you need a hyst have one (unless you need the hyst for other reasons).

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